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    Enjoy, love, feel more

    The art of love and sex helps you

    Enjoy, love, feel more

    This course has less video/audio than our others, but has really worked for ten years. It's for couples who want to experience more pleasure, and for single people who want to create a juicy next relationship.

The Art of Love & Sex - Tantra

"I started taking Lola's course a few days ago and am just loving it! Yipeeeee!!! Last night, I received my first Tantric Divine Opening from the course and fell blissfully asleep afterwards... Today, I am feeling sooooo mellow, relaxed, calm and peaceful as I go about my busy day, taking time to enjoy and savor everything I do."
Harmoney L
Surrey, BC, Canada
"I have been reading Lola's book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence for two years. It has helped me change life in a smooth, non- damaging way for all involved. I have had almost a year to myself and I want to attract someone on a similar path as myself. This is perfect!"
"My sex life is now completely, amazingly better than before this course. It is astounding how much I opened up. I still haven't finished this course because there's so much in it, and it gets so intense I need to take a break to get ready to let more in. The most profound thing of many things I got is that "I create it, not the other person." The other person just has to be reasonably on my wavelength for it to be great."
"After doing Divine Openings I didn't think our relationship could get better, but after buying your tantra course, 3 weeks later ... the bedroom heated up even more." D. Ledesma. San Diego, CA

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Your heart desires it. Your Large Self starts the party. Just get yourself to the party. You do that by getting in the party spirit with your Large Self. You do that by dropping the old story about all the parties you didn't get to go to before.
Lola Jones