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Newly Posted:

April - May 2024:

  • Portal 5 Members - New videos "The Why of Witnessing?" juices up your Mentoring practice and the new Portal 5 Witnessing Meditations take you deeper into your Large Self! 
  • Portal 2 Members - How we generate meanings for events and how to control it! Module 5.
  • Portal 1 - We're having fun with this new Mantra: "Who's talking?" Large or small self? Learn how and take control back from small self. And much more! Module 6.
  • Mentoring Members - New videos "Why Witness?" Juice up your Mentoring practice and bathe in the new Witnessing Meditations! New video on becoming the teacher. Powerful witnessing practice brought the ability to see themselves from Large Self to a whole new level. Many new session videos! See 2024 Mentoring module.
  • Two new Healing Webinar Series now in the Healing Course.
  • New English-only video on prioritizing your Large Self's vision for you, and a powerful meditation to focus on it. See Module 19. 
  • Yet another new Money Webinar is posted in the Money Course. 

February - March, 2024:

  • New Money Webinar posted in the Money Course.
  • Exciting new Mentoring webinars and sessions on new possibilities in many areas of life.
  • Portal 2 Members - A FUN new video to help you practice focus, and "let things come to YOU." See Module 3.
  • Portal 5 Members - A new BE the Love You Are webinar series is posted. Each week in March brings a new one. See Special Topic Webinars: Love.
  • Portal 1 Members - You'll fly high and get some challenges answered watching the new video at top of Module 14. And learn when to graduate yourself to Portal 2.
  • New Money Webinar series posted in The Money Course. Super powerful processes to remove money blocks. Big manifestations. When you purchase the Money Course you get a FREE live Money Webinar series with it. (And vice versa.)
  • Mentoring Members - SEVEN incredible new videos were just posted for you. Powerful new methods, Lola coaches on many topics including "who am I?", grudges, leadership, intuition, business, and healing. 
  • Goddess Course Members - A new webinar series is in progress and being posted in Goddess. This one is great for strong analytical (masculine) minds that resist relaxing into the feminine.
  • Healing Course Members - A new Heal Self & Others webinar is in progress and being posted.
  • Portal 5 Members - A new Heal Trauma/Neutralize Negative Charge webinar series is posted under Special Topic Webinars for you.

December, 2023 - January, 2024:

  • Portal 5 Members - Wonderful new video of the hows and whys of meditation, how to practice going deep quickly, eyes-open meditation, and a short deep meditation.
  • Portal 4 Members - Astounding new material on Quantum Reality, living beyond physical limitations, sensing vibration directly, beyond the Instrument Panel, zooming out for Larger wisdom and power. See Modules 2, 12, 12b.
  • Portal 2 Members - Module 2 has a great new video on how to create your I AM's deliberately.

October - November, 2023:

  • Portal 4 and/or Mentoring Members - A powerful new video on Heart Coherence and Interdimensional Access! Gets you in your heart,  more effective than just using your brain. Helps you access resources beyond the physical. See it in Portal 4 Module 1, or Mentoring ( Videos and Audios 2023.)
  • The Healing Course just got a brand new Heal Self & Others webinar series posted in it. Each series is unique due to what the participants needed, so you always see something new. And now there's a pdf booklet to download and guide you as you practice. 
  • The Goddess Course has a whole new webinar series (new videos) added to it! Each series is unique due to what the participants needed, so you always learn something new.
  • Portal 1 Members - Enjoy a video of the live Portal 1 webinar, with Q&A and new Concept of God. In Module 8.
    Bonus for Portal 1 Members: This webinar from the Mentoring program, Feeling Safe, helps you stay secure when the world feels dangerous. See Module  11.
  • Mentoring Members - Great video session about fear, and relapsing back to old vibrations. Tap into the big energy for yourself.
    Video  Feeling Safe helps you stay secure when the world feels dangerous. See 2023 Mentoring Audios und Videos.
August - September, 2023:
  • Portal 5 Members - Lola shared the Sedona energies from the recent retreat there in this P5 Members Free Webinar. Awesome. 
  • Portal 2 Members - Great new session video where Sophia learns how easy it can be to deal with our dear old friend, Fear. Ahhhh....
  • Portal 5 Members - The newest "Zap Negative Energies from Others" webinar series videos are all yours now! Unique topics like how powerful people radiate to lead, influence, and uplift others. Powerful! 
  •  Portal 1 Members -  New Deep Meditation added to Module 1.
  • Portal 2 Members - 'You May Need to Open Love Pipes to YOU' in Module 1b. Do you hold a negative charge about yourself?
  • Portal 2 Members - "Be stubborn as a donkey and fierce as a lion about your happiness!" in Module 10.
  • Portal 5 Members - THREE new deep, deep meditations you will use for life! In the Powerful 2022-2023 Meditations Module.
  • Portal 5 Members - A FUN new method to quiet the mind and relax the body deeply: "Shake It OFF!" It's in the New Methods Module.
  • Mentoring Members - The September webinar video and the "Shake It OFF!" video are posted. Also the August webinar with a Deep Void Meditation at the end.

July 2023:

  • Portal 2 Members - How to proactively generate feelings you want, and new short Void meditation in Module 6.
  • Mentoring Members - How to be stubborn and fierce, and the most powerful meditation you'll use in your life. 
  • Portal 5 Members - A 20 minute version of the most powerful meditation you'll use in your life. 

June 2023:

  • Portal 5 Members - If you did only TWO meditations forever, these would be the ones to do. (They're the ones I do most.) Just posted them in this module: Powerful Meditations 2022-2023. Just recorded in a Virtual Retreat, they're bonuses for you in Portal 5. One you can download to your phone. One you need to see the video. Both you can learn to do on your own.

  • Portal 2 Members - How to CHOOSE Self Love! This is one of the softest, yummiest, most heart-melting videos I've made. See module 3B  (module 3 got too long, so I split it.)

  • Portal 1 Members - TWO new videos on the leading edge of raising emotional vibration! See modules 6 and 10. Enjoy!
  • Portal 1 Members - Watch to this "Portal 1 Mantras and MUSTS" from the free members webinar. It pops some things into focus for you. It's in Module 1, so everyone go back and see it!
  • Portal 1 Members - This NEW Mentoring session video shows clearly why your concept of God and making peace with family are so vital. And it'll be easier now! It's in module 13 because it can take a while to be ready to allow this, but it's so worth it!

  • Money Course Members - The NEW Money Ease Webinar Series is posted, with super powerful new method dealing with your other-dimensional selves, and raise lower generational energies you inherited. It's not just about money, it's about everything!

  • * Portal 4 Members - These NEW multidimensional processes from the Money Webinar above ended up being at "Jumping the Matrix level" so I also posted four of them in Portal 4, Modules 21, and the NEW Module 21B! They can help free you up when normal Diving In isn't enough. Think of it like "spiritual dynamite" but gentler.

April - May  2023:

  • Goddess Course Members - NEW Goddess media is here from the May Goddess Power Webinar Series. 
  • Portal 5 Members - Two powerful new audios, deep meditations: Long version, Expand Into Non-Physical, and Short version, Jump Into Non-Physical. See Meditations 2022 and 2023. There are over 100 short, medium, and long meditations in Portal 5 now!
  • Portal 1 Members - Two new audios make it easier than ever to move emotions with Diving In. Top of the Diving In Audios page.
  • Portal 5 Members - Super uplifting videos from 3 members who have really let it in! It's on the page: Mastery Videos on Many Topics
  • Mentoring with Lola Members - How to install a belief you wish you believed, progress, making powerful decisions. It's on the page: 
  • Portal 4 Members - How to easily find your Large Self, be a co-creator with Source. Module 6.

February - March 2023:

  • Portal 2 Members - Your March webinar is now in module 7: Death of a small aspect of you, your joy point, locate your Large Self, and much more.
  • Goddess Course Members - New webinars posted!
  • Healing Course Members - New live webinar media just posted that not only heals, but teaches you to heal yourself and others. We had huge success in the healings. People rated the problems from 10 (worst) down to mostly zeroes at the end.
  • Portal 1 Members - If there is one Key you MUST get in Portal 1 it's Feeling Good is #1. See Module 4!
  • Portal 4 Members - Get powerful new videos and audios in Module 23 and be happier, lighter, and manifest more powerfully: Shift Into Large Self; and Claim Your Power as Co-Creator. 
  • Portal 5 Members, see the 2023 Meditations - The Shift Into Large Self Meditation makes it easier than ever to tap into your peace and power place!
  • Mentoring Members, see the new 2023 page - Lola gives an Energy Assist to Change your Beliefs to more productive ones. 
  • There's more! We're working on catching up with postings! Plus Lola has written a bunch of new blogs for you.

January 2023:

  • For everyone - See Blog in the footer for a Healing Long Covid (w/audio and vidoe); Break Through to Unbreakable Happiness; and Can Your Will Be the Same as God's Will?
  • Portal 1 Members - In Module 3 English there's an amazing coaching audio from a webinar. Brings the Keys to everyday life.
  • Money Course Members - A new webinar series just posted! Wonderful money secrets!
  • Portal 4 Members - In Module 27 - Age Well, at top of page, enjoy two new audios and a new energy workout video to reduce inflammation.
  • Portal 2 Members - New EN audio in the Soothe Yourself Bonus Module helps you get these vital skills: Worthiness, Self-Soothing, LeAnne Gets There, 2023 
  • Portal 5 Members - New EN-only audio/video in the Mastery Methods module to help you access your brain's happy center, and self-soothe.

December 2022:

  • The new video Lola made in Sedona is in the Blog (Sedona - Our Adventure in Consciousness Expanding) and for you Members it's in Portal 2 - Module 10. It has the powerful new method Sun Energy and a live Divine Opening!
  • For Virtual Retreat members, the December Virtual Retreat is posted. Very deep energy.

November 2022: After a long Thanksgiving break, on Dec 1, 2022 we caught up with posting 33 new audios and videos. Enjoy the new energies! (Fear is high in the collective right now so you may want to hear these *.)

  • Mentoring Members, fabulous new sessions on new and stimulating topics: *Appreciating your Survival Self while not letting it dominate your energy, and more.
  • Portal 1 Members:
    ~ Bonus video on Handling Fear* from the Mentoring Program! See Module 11. And if you have sticky vibrations from the past, see/hear Your Past is Irrelevant If.
    ~ Excellent video coaches you to Witness and manage your vibration in real life situations! And gives you a preview of a powerful Virtual Retreat. See Module 5.
  • Portal 5 Members, tons of new audios/videos: Energy Workouts; Create the Next Version of You, *Survival to New You, and more in the Mastery Methods module!
  • Portal 4 Members, new audio/video in Module 2: Play with time, create in your past and future.
  • Goddess Members, see the Goddess Course > Coaching Series' for some great new videos.

Before November, 2022

  • Portal 5 Members - Eight new audios/videos from the Oct 2022 New Methods Webinar just added to the Mastery Methods module in Portal 5. This is the leading edge. You'll especially benefit from Program Your Mind for Happiness (longer version!) Powerful. New Non-Habitual Breath Meditation, Create It In Your Past, and more.
  • Portal 2 Members - New EN-DE audio/video on the Meaning Generator, Grounding, and how Contribution increases your passion and results.
  • Healing Course Members - New Healing Series audios/videos/meditations/healings now posted in the Healing Course. Now you have many series and many techniques for self-healing and rejuvenation.
  • Enlightened Business Members! New October 2022 video/audio literally packed with valuable insights on many topics. Apply this to your business and grow! See Module 2a. 
  • Portal 1 Members and beyond! -  Go back and catch this one!  New video/audio at top of Module 1 & 2 fills you with tingly positive expectation, and gets you all lined up to get the most out of your journey. PLUS you'll experience a fresh new technique that puts your past into the past, where it belongs!  
  • Goddess Course Members! - New Live Coaching Webinar Videos/Audios just posted; new Goddess booklet you can download. 
  • Portal 5 Members - Exciting New Section on the Newest Methods and Processes: the Mastery Methods module, includes these new game-changers: "Train Your Mind to Be Happy!!!"; "It's Coming to Me"; "Unplug from That, Plug into Source"; "Create It As If It's Already In Your Past." More will be added from the upcoming New Methods Webinar Series!
  • Mentoring Members you'll love these! Just added: "Know Your 'Why' & Who Else Benefits" for more power and passion in your manifestations. Plus FOUR fresh, powerful new methods, "It's coming to me"; "Unplug from that, plug in to Source";  "Create it as if it's already in your past." 
  • Portal 2 Members, Module 2 - New videos/audios on how you help others by evolving and being High Vibe YOU. And how you create meaning where there was no meaning with the Meaning Generator.
  • Portal 1 Members, Module 4 - FUN new video and audio from the Portal 1 Members FREE webinar on August 18, 2022.
  • Portal 5 Members, Meditation Module - powerful new Meditation: Marvel as Your Large Self.
  • A new audio, "Portal 1 Treasures," was  just added to Portal 1 - Module 4. Scroll down to Key Decisions, and make YOUR powerful decisions that will change your life!
  • "Portal 1 Treasures" is also in the 2022 Mentoring section, scroll down under the yellow bar, English Sessions with Lola.
  • 21 new cutting-edge audios, videos, and meditations that will rock your world - in the Mentoring Course! Lighten and power up your energy. Mentoring Members, find them in "2022 Mentoring Audios and Videos."
  • Portal 5 Witnessing Module has many powerful new Stage 4 processes and meditations. Witnessing beyond the body, witnessing from Large Self for wisdom, detachment, guidance, transformation.
  • There's a whole new Virtual Retreat posted. See Virtual Retreats in your Account.
  • Portal 2 - Modules 1, 6 ,7, 8, 9 all have new media.
  • Portal 1- Module 2 - inspiring new song posted. You'll love it.
  • Portal 2 - Module 6 - Soaring, gnat’s wing, commit vs attach, pure intention
  • Portal 4 - Module 19 -  Most powerful witnessing methods and meditations yet!
  • Portal 5 - New audios/videos added to the Special Topic Webinar: You Are Love.
  • Goddess Course - New audios/videos added! Best ones ever! Get into your feminine power and enjoy more ease.
  • Amazing new meditations from all courses are now also in Portal 5 so you can find them all in one place. They're in the modules: Meditations, and Witnessing.

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