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    What is Divine Openings and How does it work?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We help people have more inner connection, happiness, and success in life.

What can Divine Openings do for me?

  • Connect you profoundly with your Non-Physical Source, deep meditation, natural highs.
  • Anything is possible. Happiness, emotional balance, self esteem, quiet mind, and deep peace.
  • Worry, anxiety, depression, anger, shame, unworthiness, and fears fade.
  • Trauma, hurts, addictions, and abuse fade, and soon seem unreal.
  • Suffering and struggle diminish, then cease as you stay with it.
  • Ability to manifest money, career, love, relationship, family harmony, health, new talents.

How is Divine Openings different?

Here are just a few of the many ways:

  • It's not "self-help" because it's not all up to you. Grace does 90%, you do 10%.
  • Transforms your life en masse, not one tedious issue at a time.
  • Even long-standing issues like trauma and abuse fade with relative ease.
  • It's not ancient dogma, nor worn-out new age fluff----it's freshly downloaded, leading-edge energies.
  • Grace erases all karma.
  • You're not dependent on healers and practitioners. You find and claim your own inner power.

What are the more advanced results?

  • Deep oneness with Source, profound spiritual experiences, spiritual bliss, ecstasy, No Mind, Mastery.
  • Profound wisdom, Direct Knowing, clear intuition and guidance, leadership, healing, helping others.
  • Allow more love in, unconditional love for others, transform your family, social circle, workplace.
  • Remarkable resilience, be in the flow, release stress, and evolve with ease. 
  • Virtually anything is possible from Large Self, if it's right for you. You'll seem charmed to others.

How does Divine Openings work?

  • Two main pieces:
    1.) The Grace piece. Grace does 90% of the work for you.
    2.) The Conscious Mind piece is your 10% to do. Simple, pleasurable activities bring it down to earth in your life.
  • Lola gives you Keys as you move steadily through the Five Portals of Awakening.
  • You're guided step-by-step on a clear, structured path, from awakening to spiritual maturity. (No one needs more "spiritual information.")
  • As your Large Self takes the wheel, even the most stubborn old patterns and limitations steadily and naturally fall away.

Who is Divine Openings for?

  • Both the spiritually advanced wishing to go higher or who haven't found the practical life solutions...
  • And complete beginners.
  • Any religion, or those with no faith at all.
  • We attract independent-minded people who don't want a dogma--they want to discover their own inner power.
  • The book gives guidelines on minimum age (18), mental health, and pregnancy.

Who is Lola Jones?

  • Lola has transformed lives since 1981, but in 2006 after spending 21 days in complete silence and solitude, she emerged with a stunningly powerful gift to change people's lives. She shares that gift through Books, Online courses, and the Life-Changing Retreat.
  • She's a down-to-earth person who lives a simple, quiet life in nature. She never sought a large following and just quietly did her work. Nevertheless, as people shared the spectacular changes in their lives, Divine Openings spread by word of mouth to 150 countries. 

What is spiritual awakening?

  • It's living as your Large Self rather than your limited human self.
  • It's an evolution through many stages, from bliss, to empowerment, to spiritual maturity.
  • Divine Openings brings spiritual awakening down to earth in your practical life, to your relationships, health, emotional balance, mental clarity, ability to impact the world, even your bank account.

How long does it take to see positive results?

  • Divine Openings™ works rapidly when you immerse in it as pleasure---not work.
  • It's quick for some; most feel it in weeks or months; those holding onto deep resistances can take longer. Your commitment is key.
  • The old paradigm of years or even lifetimes of hard work on the Hamster Wheel of seeking and suffering is over!
  • Divine Openings (or anything that works) is a lifetime path of beautiful, graceful, never-ending evolution.
  • You'll know you're free when you stop rushing, and begin to relish every delicious step of your journey, not wishing for an end.

How do I begin to experience it?

  • If you want big results fast, immerse in Divine Openings. Portal 1 Online with book guides you step by step to do your 10%, while Grace does 90% of the work for you. Learn to let go and let The Divine do the heavy lifting.
  • Live retreats in California and Europe bathe you in Grace and activate your innate bliss.
  • If money is an issue, start with the book. Lives have transformed just from the book, but many people need more support and continuity.

Get still, and ask yourself...

  • Honestly, if I keep doing the same old things, won't I keep getting the same old results?
  • What can I do today, so I don't have those same old struggles, issues, hurts, debts, and conflicts a year from now?
  • How would it feel to be on a step-by-step path, feeling better every day?
  • What if I made a powerful, pivotal choice today and never looked back?
  • Say yes and begin your phenomenal new life with the Book, Online Portal 1 w/book, or the Life-Changing Retreat w/book.

How do I get started on this path?

Simple: just by enjoying Lola Jones's leading-edge books, online courses, and retreats. Most people need the structure and support of the online home study courses to stay focused, entertained, and engaged consistently enough to transform their lives and then stabilize in the new reality. But if money is an issue, the book is affordable to anyone anywhere. Some like to begin with a retreat and the book (free with retreats) because they need serious help.

Aren't all spiritual energies the same?

Absolutely not. Many frequencies exist. As radio stations vibrate on different frequencies, and play different styles of music, spiritual frequencies are varied and they do different things. Some are much more potent than others.

Can you give me a "map" of the journey?

  • Your journey begins with Portal 1 and the foundational book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence: How to Let Go and Let The Divine Do the Heavy Lifting. Rise out of suffering into power and connection with Source energy. 
  • Portal 2 and the book Living Large moves you into ease and flow. Portal 3 stabilizes you before you move on to the deeper metaphysics of Portal 4. Portal 5 builds your mastery and continues to expand your consciousness literally forever. 
  • Live or online retreats take you deeper into the bliss of silence where words cannot go.
  • There are other webinars and courses you could add on to the basic 5 Portals if you wish. You could be Mentored by Lola for a year in the Mentoring/Guide program. 

Why would I need a teacher?

  • To master anything, an expert, specialist, or Mentor speeds your progress.
  • Full awakening can take lifetimes without a teacher. (Lola had a teacher before her big awakening.)
  • Teachers like Lola can give you a Grace boost that does 90% of the work for you, easing and speeding the process.
  • Proven-effective steps rather than vague theories helps you stay on track and avoid pitfalls and dead ends.
  • Lola Jones attracts smart, independent people, not mindless followers.
  • She opens you to your own inner knowing; she doesn't want anyone dependent on her.

Have more questions?

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Trying to remove your ego (small self) only makes it stronger. It refines naturally as you live into your Large Self (the more expanded you.) You perhaps feel superior, then unworthy, but then you gain true balance.
Lola Jones