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Let Resistance Help You Emerge

Resistance is your friend

Article by Lola Jones
Original art by Lola Jones

We KNOW it can be frustrating, or even infuriating to read what all those happy people write if you're not there... YET!

Please appreciate YOUR unique experience rather than comparing to other people. Your experience may be subtle or dramatic, but the practical life benefits are the same eventually, and it keeps expanding over time.

Relax. Resistance is part of the process. Don't make it wrong. In other words, "Don't resist your resistance!" Be soft and kind to yourself, and if you can't do that, there's your first place to open up and let go.

Don't resist your resistance.
Dive in and be with it.

So you know you're not the only one, we created this page, so those of you who are having speedbumps, hiccups, or major crises know that what you're experiencing is part of your journey to happiness. These type of letters about difficulty are the minority of what we get, so to make them easier to find than they would be on the regular Testimonials page, we put them here for you.

These emails we've received from people just like you deal specifically with difficulty or resistance, or various things people do to "get in the way" and make it take longer to get the good results:

"Hi Lola, ...After being really angry and resistant about Divine Openings ("This hasn't worked for me yet, where's my stuff?  Why am I still broke?  Why am I still single?  Why am I still in a mess of a life?  Gaaaaaah?!?!?!?!?!"), I am releasing that now and I am softening and being more easy on myself and letting myself believe in it again.  I am being very slow and deliberate about pursuing my acting career (yay I'm really doing what I love!)  By the end of March, I will have been in at least 3 student films already!  AND I'm taking this great acting class that fell right into place... Dad paid for it. I trust everything is working out for me.  And it really is.  And now I am listening to the audios and I can't even remember why I was angry at Divine Openings. I'm letting go and feeling good."  Thanks, Adrienne, New Hampshire

"Thank you so much for everything that you do and your LOVE! I have experienced many wonderful Divine Openings ... and I KNOW now ... that the Divine is doing the heavy lifting for me!!! Thank you again, my small self did resist you for some time ... hahaha!!!" Mahalia

"I've been wanting to email you for a while just to rave. Unfortunately I have no words to share....just an ever unfolding deepening of feeling. If I could use the marvels of modern tech to attach what I'm feeling to this mail I would :) Anyway....just a HUGE thank you for the role you played in setting me free. I (was) the poster child for resistance even after the 5 day last year, but, like you said, nobody can resist forever. Thank you so, so much. Hoping to be of service at another 5 day sometime soon....just a gentle intention." With deep love and appreciation. Johan (psychologist from South Africa)

The 5 portals help you move past resistance into freedom!

This is from a woman who took almost two years to let go, but she had a few sessions, did the online courses, stuck with it, and got there. And two years is nothing compared to the decades people spend searching and seeking in vain:
Just had to rave about something fantastic that's happened to me. I was having problems in my relationship. I was filled with anger, resentment, impatience, and irritation. I was so resistant to letting all that go, because I just knew that it was all him. Anyway, all that is completely gone in a matter of minutes! Our relationship was never better in the 20 yrs. we've been together. This goes to show that it's never about the other person, it's always about you, it's an inside job. (He) hasn't changed/done anything differently, yet I'm happy with him. I don't get upset/angry with anything he does or says. And of course, he's way happier too. I'm also more playful and happier and okay with where I am at any given moment.

I feel liberated! I'm so grateful to Divine Openings and your book and on-line courses! Thank you for sharing this with the world! I am now going to share Divine Openings with others, now that I have such a great story of transformation to tell. I know how powerful and easy this is. There's nothing else like it out there. Thanks for everything!    InJoy, Nina 

Hello Friends I just felt the need to post here and really share my appreciation of everything that Divine Openings and Lola have brought into my life. It's been a relatively long journey, but worth its weight in gold and now that I am finally "there" and not seeking it anymore, it's the most precious experience of my life. I have been doing Divine Openings since July '09. I started with the book which took well over 6 months to read, possibly even a year. My pace was slow, and has been for most of this journey. Three online courses, a 5 day retreat, FOUR sets of sessions (healing and coaching)later, I can attest to the fact that Lola's work is a miracle, and I am so glad I found the truest, most practical path, at least for me and I'm sure many others. So a big THANK YOU LOla!! Thank you for reconnecting me to my feelings, it is a joy and wonder to be back in touch with my instrument panel. I'd been "disconnected" for so long that it's a joy to feel whole again, like I am not running away from myself. Thank you for identifying the trap of seeking. Thank you for letting me know that outages in my key relationships will hold me back. Thank you to the Divine for pushing me to straighten those up (even though I didn't want to at the time). Thank you for getting me back in my body. Thank you for guiding me to not to resist my resistance. I did this dance for years. Thank you for getting me back in touch with my Source. Thank you for guiding me back into the flow of life, that I couldn't imagine being without!! Thank you for showing me that there is a reality of my choosing outside the default one that so many are living -yuck!!!! Thank you for your pure, simple truths. And most of all, thank you for deciding many years ago that you were done being an ordinary teacher and set in motion to become an EXTRAORDINARY one, showing us all the leading edge and being a pioneer. I've not exactly done a whole lot of spiritual paths, but I know that most of them dont address the deep dive into feelings that is necessary (and yes, it is very necessary. I now have a deep understanding of how blocked emotions hold us back and color our existence. It's quite literally bondage. Who else is teaching that?) For those of you that are still struggling, keep with it. Take a week off. Get extra help if you need it. And the one thing I can tell you that always works is deciding to be COMMITTED and completely HONEST with yourself. Maybe you're in a recurring situtation and you keep trying to THINK your way out of it? Maybe you are more comfortable being where you are than where you think you want to go? Maybe you enjoy the struggle more than you thought? At least it's predictable, right? ;) Everything is coming full circle and I look forward to the new year's call and 2013! Many blessing to everyone! This should be a fun year! Love, Siana

The 5 portals help you benefit from resistance and find your power

hello Dear Lola, thank you!.... yes I had to sort this quietly... had a big surprise....a heavy dark anxious depressed feeling (yes a BIG one) that had been there for as far back as I can remember as a child was coming up really strongly, the bizarre thing was that I didn't realize it was a feeling, initially I didn't 'get' to dive into it!!!!!!!! I was lying in bed early in the morning thinking 'where is my joy, what's this heaviness...' when it came to me to dive in.... I dived in and only then did I recognize it and it shifted!!! I have been feeling so good since then, it was around tuesday it happened. My sense of humor is back and I feel LIGHT!!! Thank YOU, I felt some loving help through the ethers.
love you, Wendy xxx S. Africa

This from someone who struggled for a while, and then had a big breakthrough after a session at the Jumping The Matrix level: Thankyou sweetheart - and you'll never guess what, I've been offered a second recording contract for another project! Two deals in as many days, how cool is that???!!!! I'll tell you more as details emerge, this second one is confidential for the time being. With a US record label.
I love you!  X x X x X x X   A from UK (had to take name off due to recording contract pending!)

Dear Lola and helpers,

When I received the most recent newsletter, opening with the line "we always appreciate hearing from you," I felt a peaked interest in sharing something. I happened to be listening to an audio from the Freedom From Addiction First Aid course and it mentioned the speedbump testimonal page. I realized I'd been wanting to tell this story. If you would like to, please feel free to include any part, or the email in its entirety.

I have a little story about attracting abuse that I want to tell because I think it shows how innocently and intentionally a person can choose to attract an attack without realizing it. I hope any one who could benefit from this little story will be drawn to it and have a big laugh with me at the irony of needing enemies in order to have allies.

I had joined a social network of bloggers and immediately felt I'd found the perfect place for me. I was so impressed by the people there and wanted to make real friends. Many of us seemed to be similarly in love with the potential of the community. But a suspicious account, one that called itself MsGivings drew attention to itself with odd behavior. Some of the more technical minded members looked into it enough to conclude that it was probably what it looked like, which was fraud. They respectfully approached admin about this, asking that someone look into it and explain authoritatively why it looked suspicious, even if it was nothing.  Many of us, myself included, felt an increased kinship in protecting our shared values of integrity and transparency, as well as a new kind of solidarity with each other.

Now there were many, many administrators but the only one who responded, one who called himself Smooth, was unexpectedly gruff. He said that the MsGivings account seemed totally normal. He went on to accuse those who'd brought it to attention of being trolls on a witch hunt and dismissed anyone who would take issue with what did look a very lot like fraud, of being jealous. I believe he honestly saw it that way and was protecting the community he valued, reflecting something quite like the energy of the well-meaning accusation. He began to fiercely police conversations and soon the topic of censorship became common.

Those of us who disagreed with this admin's views and found his flagging to be inexplicable, began to gather together, to stand up for each other, to feel a kinship deeper than we had before. At the same time, others sided with Smooth. There became factions and ferocious squabbles. People began to leave. Still the other admin, many of them more authoritative than Smooth, all remained silent on the topic.

Then, while welcoming new users as part of an official initiative, I was flagged by Smooth "for spamming." The accusation was preposterous, impossible to substantiate. I expected it was because of my having spoken out for integrity and transparency and because of the faction to which I clearly belonged. I understood that I had created this attack because I wanted to give ammunition to my friends. Smooth was on a witch hunt! It was too delicious. There was excitement in possessing this grenade of having been wronged so obviously while doing good deeds, of having caught Smooth in a foul for which he could be held accountable by other admin. I gloried in it and fantasized about all the ways I could use it to advantage.

 At the same time, I felt a cracking open of something so disappointed and afraid. I acknowledged, immediately, that it was victim vibration, but still had to feel it.  I had a memory of a time in childhood when I had attracted an attack and had had no way to understand how. I descended deep into low vibration, thawed new areas, and slowly rose, again, up the altimeter. I left the forum without having used the grenade.

Looking back, I see that MsGivings emerged to grant my wish to form more meaningful friendships. The level of closeness of community I had wanted had required something to oppose. I think about that when I weigh political opinions, now. I can give myself that feeling of being supported, appreciated and rooted for without requiring others, now. I also remember that the first feeling I had, before even clicking on the link to the forum the very first time, was one of repulsion and inexplicable anger that I had chosen to rationalize away as PMS. I could admit, then, that I had gotten hooked by the drama and had really had to repeatedly, even addictively seek out the feeling of rightness in order to create the attack. Perhaps I had wanted to so I could feel the old vibration I hadn't been able to before. Every speed bump has had a quality, for me, of pressing repeatedly past clear signals in a kind of compulsion. There has also been the gift of being able to feel more of myself, even when it has come with self-abusing thoughts and very temporary despairing conclusions.

I will move forward with greater confidence in my powers of discernment, but also with a little chuckle. It's so funny how I always know exactly what I'm getting myself into.

-Brittany Tobiason

P.S. I am so deeply grateful for the way Divine Openings has transformed my life. It just keeps getting better and better.

My session this time brought to light a lot of things. Things that I had gotten glimpses of, but I guess just not been ready for the whole she-bang. It is clear to me that I have been somehow seeing Divine Openings as some puzzle to solve. Like if I could just somehow find the loophole, I could enjoy all the goodies without actually having to feel....
Ahem...can we say spiritual bypass? And how I had been having a death-like grip on my stories, wanting to prove them to be true and prove how right I am. How crazy strong the victim vibration has been and how it's colored so many parts of my life. How it works for others, but not for me.... What BS!!! It just seems like insanity now. And even though it is almost 3 years into my Divine Openings journey, I feel like I am now truly ready to delve in. I want to feel, I want to "get it", I want to let it in. And I really feel that simply that genuine intention will open things up for me. Thank you,
thank you, thank you for just being you and doing what you do.
Lot of Love,

"Oh, Lola! I'm actually crying now and I can't really see the computer screen through my tears, but I feel compelled to write you back. Your support is so wonderful and I've been doing really well up until recently with reading the book and doing the online course and I've had several eureka moments, but I am getting soooo blocked! My legal separation from my husband is in the court now and we are waiting for a court date to tell our sides (more stories......) and to find out how much money we are each entitled to (yuck!!). My husband's claim is completely unreasonable and he is being nasty and mean. He seems to forget he has two children he needs to support. He is trying to squash me! I refuse to be a victim (I repeatedly tell myself), but I'm afraid I am sending out a lot of victim vibration. I'm trying not to get caught up in my story, but now I have to tell my story over and over - to my lawyer and now soon to judges. I can't get out of this vicious cycle - what can I do?
I would love to come and see you for a live Divine Opening, but I live in Switzerland - any suggestions?
Many, many thanks. Love, Marcia

Her 2nd email: Dear Lola, Wow! I don't know exactly what happened but shortly after my rather embarassing breakdown (via email no less!) when I was blubbering away to you about my problems, something shifted. Now, I've been getting these shifts periodically, often after divine openings from the book or online course, but now the dam has burst and I'm really on a roll!. I'm nearly ready to open my own business and I'm acting and feeling like I'm already successful. I feel so positive and I just can't stop going forward. When I feel slightly negative, I just refocus on my new career and my new life on my own. And it FEELS SO GOOD!!!
So for the moment, I'll just keep on doing what I'm doing and I will soon register for the Level 2 online course. I keep re-reading your book - not in any particular order anymore, sometimes I just open it at random and read a couple of pages.
By the way, did you send me "something" the day I sent you that tearful email? As I was laying in bed that night, just before I went to sleep, I thought of you strongly and felt a lifting - a positive vibration. Hard to explain, but I think you know what I mean. Anyway, whatever it was, THANK YOU!
Love, Marcia

"Dear Lola, Hello!  Thank you for sharing your work and your gifts with us :)

I am surprised at myself for emailing to ask this question of you, because I typically go inside to get my answers.
But here I am.
After the first opening (from the downloaded first section of your book), I got a huge bliss experience of the all is well-ness- especially of myself, my husband.... it was wonderful.  However....
You probably know what is coming :)

Since then all my 'challenge places' have been super intense in my face.  My digestive troubles of the last 18 mos, which were feeling much better of late with dietary changes and gut cleansing supplements, has been intensified, yet different: short intense periods of pain; also body aches and huge exhaustion.  I developed a terrible headache yesterday, such like I haven't had in years (I used to get them frequently, but not for a long time).  And my irritation and impatience (and anger and more) with my children, a source of upset for me, has been much stronger too.

I am familiar with the art of being present to my feelings without judgement; I have a much harder time applying this to physical discomfort without feeling I need to 'fix' it.  It quickly goes to 'there is something wrong here', which is of course one of the fastest ways to get sideways of Source.  It is hard for me to practice with my children, because my feelings are often so intense, are triggered so frequently, and occur in situations that I typically perceive to need immediate response or attention.  With them I find it harder not to 'react'.

I have not yet received your book in the mail, so I have only been able to read the first section.  Perhaps the rest will answer some of these questions for me.  But I hoped maybe you would have a word of advice for me in this time of, well, coughing up a hairball I suppose.

I am also wondering how long you expect delivery of your book to take?  I live in Connecticut.

Thank you very much for your consideration of my questions."

She soon wrote:
"Hi Lola,
It's all fine!!!

Isn't that divine?  (hee hee)

It's just all this stuff that is coming up super intense, and then is just dissolving as I am present to it without judgment or reaction.  Once I realized, oh it's just stuff coming up -- because it was getting ridiculous, Lola, every (literally) five minutes there was a new surge of emotion in reaction to a thought or a circumstance or a memory- how could I even try to keep up with or make a big deal out of all that!  It was so obviously moving up and out.  So I lightened up about it!

Now they are moving faster, and they are often just there for a few minutes or seconds.  There are a few places I seem to recurringly (is that a word?) get stuck- or maybe have a hard time getting out of the way in regard to?  I am looking forward to when those give way!  Wow!  

Have to say my Doubt Machine has been thoroughly reactivated by all this (I haven't seen that face in years!) and I find it so curious!  The 'not-doing-it-ness' (the it's-already-all-ok-ness of it) is pulling up all kinds of interesting beliefs that I am so happy to see sloughing off!  It all just fits so perfectly of my intention of inner rather than outer 'seeking' that has been my guiding 'work' (hee hee, if there is such a thing) of the last several years.

Well, I'll stop rambling, but I was so shinied up seeing your email I had to share!  Thanks for providing the space!
Looking forward to where this journey will lead! 
P.S.  When are you coming to the east coast? :)"

Anne (Akasha)

Then it gets really funny:
"Hi Lola, I just have to share with you my experience because, well, it is just hilariously perfect.

Two days ago I did my second D.O. from the book.  As is predictable (although I didn't expect it, funny enough), I am drowning in intense uncomfortable feelings; things I thought were finished are suddenly rearing up again.  After blowing up at my kids this morning, I decided maybe I need to 'line up', so I went to your website and clicked on the testimonial page for those experiencing a bumpy road.  Wanting a little boost, or support, or added confidence, I suppose.

What did I find, but my own two emails after the first D.O.!  And the first was so similar to what I have been feeling this morning... and then my own words in the second email actually began to shift it for me!  I began to remember the feeling of that place... And then the total humor of the situation burst on me- here I am looking outside myself for support and affirmation and I get myself!  Here I am going round the same cycle I was in a week ago, acting like it was all so new and overwhelming!  Saying it like that doesn't somehow reveal the level of mirth I am feeling right now.  It just seems totally hilarious to me.  It's like when my mom went shopping online for a new house and found her own house (without realizing it was her house) and decided it was the most gorgeous house she'd even seen and could she possibly afford it?  So, jokes on me!

Here I am, thinking it's all so REAL! (and- low, deep voice- serious!)

This morning upon waking with the feelings already crashing in, I said a prayer: God, please open me up to the humor this day!

Ask and It Is Given!

Thanks for letting me share,
I hope you find it as amusing as I do!"


“I am writing because I am feeling frustrated, angry and do not see any purpose for my life right now. This Divine Opening has really kicked my butt. The other day while fixing my fence my right hip started acting up and by nighttime it was locked up. I remembered that you said that there can be physical symptoms that arise when Divine Grace moves in and does what it does. I was in excruciating pain and wanted to run to take some medicine to relieve my pain, but I decided to stay with it instead. That night I had crazy dreams. I awoke to a locked hip again and my anger and frustration just continued to build. I felt hopeless. I felt like I had no other choice but to remain in bed all day and just let go….so that is what I did. I slept a lot. Finally a few days later I started to feel an inner shift and voila it suddenly was gone…no more locked hip and pain. I was able to walk with full range of motion again and felt more expanded from inside as well.”

“I am writing to remind you of how I was feeling about a week after my first D.O. It went something like this: ‘I feel ill, angst, depressed, hopeless, haunted, my mind stirring, anxious, frozen paralysis to getting anything done, no motivation.’ I remember that you told me that these emotions can come up and to just read Lola’s book and allow these emotions to free flow. When they came up I did not trust that they would pass…they really felt bad and I thought I was going to drown in them. You kept telling me that it will pass…well, I stuck it out and let go of the stories along the way and you were right….it did pass eventually. I am grateful that I am feeling again.”

”Wow this process is really tough. I started to have major heart pains the day after my first D.O. and decided to book a session with the doctor. At the same time I decided to drop into my body and ask it what it needed to tell me. The pain moved into my esophagus where it started to constrict to the point where I had to be on an all liquid diet for a week because the pain was so strong. All the while I kept asking my body to show me what I needed to understand. I kept feeling and feeling beyond the pain that did not go away for almost two weeks. The day before my scheduled gastroscope where they were going to go in and stretch my esophagus out –it all shifted and the pain went away. I felt amazing. It had shifted. My heart charka had opened up and I canceled my appointment. The process that I went through brought up a lot of physical pain that must have been burying many locked up emotions that finally came up to be released. I would tell anyone receiving a D.O. that if they do encounter physical symptoms to really address them on an inner level as well as utilizing traditional means. You were right that it did eventually pass.”

Mindy, who's been practicing Divine Openings for a while, was kind enough to write to someone on the Member Forum who was having a tough time: "I began reading Lola's book in Jan. of this year.  I went through some experiences similar to yours as I began this "work".  If feels silly to call it work now.  I would read the testimonials from people who just made it sound so easy and didn't understand why I felt so many negative emotions and felt pretty helpless at what to do about all of them.  I would compare my experience to others and feel sad and even angry that mine was not going the same.  It too would get me for weeks at a time, making me want to basically just crawl up in a hole and hide until it passed.  And it always did.  Looking back I know it lasted so long because I had a gigantic amount of resistance to feeling pretty much anything I perceived "negative".  I am not sure about you, but I have a very analytical mind and was having a hard time separating the thoughts from the emotions.  That sure doesn't help them pass. 

So what DID work for me was finding as many ways as possible to get out of my head.  Nature was huge, I began to make it a priority to go on hikes, walks regularly even if I didn't feel like it!  I began pulling out my guitar and playing my piano, both of which had been collecting dust, singing while I cooked or drove.  I would get my paints out and ask my higher self to help me express how I was feeling on paper, no matter how ugly it looked (and man, some of them sure were ugly!).  I would blare hyper music and dance around the apartment.  Mind you all of this I did not feel like doing, I pretty much had to force myself like you force a child to take some medicine that you know is good for them.   And gradually I could feel myself coming out of it.  Prostrating has been fabulous too.  In those especially yucky times I would do it at least once a day and still do it now just because I enjoy it.  And yoga has been wonderful too, I usually begin asking that my breath and the postures assist anything that is stagnant and needs some help moving.  Like Melissa, I've also been using sleep to sort things out so I don't even have to know about it.  Each night I write down a dream assignment for something I'd like guidance with and I write a list of all the things at that moment that I would like to let go of, or come into my life.  It is fun to wake up and remember the dreams, it feels like a little inside joke between you and God, and it's nice knowing you don't have to analyze it or understand it.  So I know this is a bit long winded but when I read your post I could identify with it so much and just want to throw anything out there that might help.  Be good to yourself, listen to Soothe Yourself and know this is an amazing opportunity for you to let go of things that need letting go of.   Let us know how things are going.... you are on your way!  Love, Mindy

Good evening Lola,
I have been doing Divine Openings for about 8 weeks now I think. I lost track because I couldn't figure out how I found you in the first place.
I am re-reading the book for the second time, much slower this time and only 1 divine opening a week now. I was basically screaming at my inner divinity yesterday that since I started doing this, things are so much worse and threatening to quit if things didn't improve. Today I asked for a sign that I am on track and that this is actually working. I had a dark day of the soul just two days ago now, not one glimmer of Bliss yet and lots of depression and frustration since I started.

I had not read the book for several days now and picked it up in spare time tonight and there it is on page 35, "what am I doing here? I feel so much worse than before I came!" this sentence hit me like a giant boulder. Hmm sneaky...

I have asked my Divine Presence for a miracle to make what would otherwise be an impossibility, the opportunity to attend the 5 day silent retreat in Ojai. As it is I had to wait 4 weeks to be able to buy this book. Then several miracles happened and I received a double Christmas bonus and a raise. I haven't had a raise in 4 years now. Rave rave. This did not make it possible to attend but a miracle like that might mean some other miracle making it possible to attend could very well happen. I know it would change my entire world, which would be a profoundly good thing.

In any event the emotions are rising! Happy holidays to you and yours!

Much love to you,

Hi, Lola - it's Wendy from the one-day intensive in (city).  It's taken me a little while to feel like I was "ready" to sit down and write to you; what an adventure it has been since our Divine Openings that day!  'Adventure' is putting it lightly (& nicely!).  I know you are terribly busy, so I will try very hard to keep this email short; it will be difficult!

Within 24 hours of the one day intensive, my world went upside-down, and in a big way.  Things just exploded, and not in a nice way at all, in a mere matter of 24 hours.  The thing I was working on that day when we did the Diving In came to the surface like the next sequel to Jaws!  It was terrible, Lola.  You wouldn't believe it if I told you what happened, and I am not about to bore you with the hideous details.
Everything came to a point where all the things I was keeping squashed deep down inside, the fear, the worry, the doubt, being manipulated, my secrets, etc. (the list really does go on and on!) were brought out into the light of day and there was no denying any of it.  It was the scarriest feeling in the universe, and I didn't think I was going to survive it.  BUT, survive I did! And not only survive, but I am actually feeling a little "flourishing" starting to happen.  Amazing.

On Friday night, just a couple of days past the one month mark since the Divine Opening, I had an experience that was beyond words.  I had gone to bed (by the way, I have been VERY exhausted!) and managed to doze off for just a few minutes.  I have been practicing "raving" everyday since our class and had just had a nice session of it before I drifted off.  All of the sudden, I was fully awake with a sensation of being about to burst - I thought I was having a heart attack or something - really!  Anyway, I had to get up, and as I sat with the incredible sensation I was having, it just got bigger and bigger - so expansive!  Tears began to stream down my face and I was filled with such love, pure, beautiful, Divine love to the point that I couldn't tell if I was even breathing anymore.  I honestly thought for a second that either I had died or I was certainly about to!

I think the words 'orgasmic rapture' is the only thing that I can come up with that is even remotely, crudely close to what I was experiencing.

The realization of an innate, Divine presence flooded over me; it went on for more than an hour before I actually had to say 'enough!' and ask the Divine to "turn it down"! The tears, however, kept on flowing through the night.  The whole experience resulted in the weight of a lifetime of unworthiness, guilt, shame, fear, deception, and on and on, being lifted off of me.  I have NEVER experienced anything like this - ever.  I am more free, at ease, and peaceful than I have ever been in my entire life since I landed on this planet!  That's a HUGE statement for me to make, but it is true, nonetheless.  I never thought that such a thing was possible for me, but it has indeed come to pass.  What a Divine miracle!

I have no more secrets today.  Although I have some things still to walk through before the nuclear explosion is cleaned up entirely, I do not fear it. I have a sense that whatever happens will be a gift of Grace and will turn out just the way it is supposed to.  I do not feel threatened, intimidated or afraid.  All those lifelong feelings that were so familiar to me until mere days ago have been replaced with an honest sense of well-being, comfort, love and happiness (yes, I actually said "happiness"!).  The biggest thing, I think, is that I do not feel alone anymore.... the Divine is right inside of me, IS ME, and I KNOW this now!

All these words pale in comparison to what I am feeling - there is simply no way, as a human being, that I truly describe what has happened to me.  Talk about Grace!  You ought to hear my daily ravings now!  :-)

Well, I just wanted to thank you, Lola.  You know, I have to admit that after all the searching and healing and blah, blah, blah that I have done all my life, I had some serious doubts about whether all this Divine Openings stuff was true.  I don't doubt a thing now!!  The Divine Opening process, and the sheer terror and pain that quickly ensued afterwards, has been the most incredible, beautiful gift I have ever received. Jumping way ahead, I want to come to the next 5 Day Intensive you have after the first of the year - it's on my list!!!  Sending you both the deepest gratitude my heart can muster, and all the love & light I can dream for you, Wendy Emory

Hi Lola, The first two Divine Openings, I thought I'd be Super Man, and did them both in one day. Well, the next day was very intense, as I felt incredible anger; and the feeling it gave me was that it was old energy. So I knew it was caused by the Divine Openings releasing something stagnant; because I've never ever felt that much anger. Needless to say, it was a very bad-feeling day. And since then I've been doing one Divine Opening per week, then moved them to once every five days. I've read the book twice already, and I'll keep re-reading it; till I reach Enlightenment, but I'm reading out of pleasure with no objective. My impression of Enlightenment, is that it is a gradual progress. In my humble opinion, you just don't flick a toggle switch on the back of your head, then the light comes on and, there you go; you're now enlightened.  I think the divine openings build up the Divine Energy within you with Divine Grace, till you eventually cross a threshold, where there is no turning back, even if you wanted to. But that would be absurd; no one wants pork, when they can have steak; not in my case anyway. So when I look back to the beginning, when I first started divine openings, and compare how I was then to how I am now, I'm aware of the difference. I'm more stable emotionally; I no longer have very strong emotional reactions to things that wouldn't bother the average person (what is an average person anyway? That could be debatable. I really feel uncomfortable using "labels", and words that convey "completion"). I think energy has no beginning, nor an end; it always has been and always will be. That concept is a little challenging to the human mind to make sense of; which is in human nature to make all things make sense. I noticed that I'm more calm and grounded. Also, my mind is beginning to receive information, seemingly, from a new source; a source that's more deeply ingrained. It has a feeling of unfamiliarity to it, but a very comforting feel to it; it feels that the information is "indisputible", and firmer. It also feels like a stronger source. I'm trying my best to analyze it, to convey my perception of it all (only for the purposes of this email). I'm beginning to feel a strength building slowly, that I haven't felt in a long time. I used to be a more introverted person, who had a difficult time bringing up the words fast enough for my mouth to speak them. Now, I can talk, but there isn't a time-lag, where I usually sat and pondered on the right words to say; the words just keep flowing as I speak, and the source is never exhausted. Well, that's the overview for now.
 With Warmest Regards, Serge Ouellette 

Hi Lola :-) I hope you don't get tired of hearing from me...LOL. The last couple of days have been amazing.  I can't seem to stop smiling. The time when I talk to the Divine and my Large Self  is when I am in laying in bed, unwinding and getting ready for sleep.  For months, off and on but constant for the past couple of weeks, I have what I call a stress knot in my left shoulder blade and pain in the left side of my neck.  Chiropractor helps but it always comes back within 24 hours.  Last night I focused on the pain, asked the Divine to massage the tight areas, realign the vertebra that always moves because of the tightness.  I asked to be shown what I was holding back that was coming out in this area.  I drifted off into sleep.  When I awoke this morning, the pain was gone.  It has not returned all day (which is a first).  I'm not sure what I was holding in that area but something definitely moved out. 
Also Sunday I listened to two sections of the diving in audios.  It was too much.  I didn't sleep at all Sunday night, I tossed & turned.   My small self was having a grand ole time.  I went WAY down on my instrument panel.   Monday morning I spent some time realigning myself. 
The biggest news is that today I officially became a college student again !!!! WOO HOO.  I am working on my Associates degree and then will move on to a Bachelor's degree.  I have not had enough confidence in myself in the past to actually believe that this was possible.  I had taken a couple of classes and then convinced myself that I was wasting my time.  Today on the way to the college to speak to an advisor and enroll in classes for summer and fall, I was nauseous.  My small self tried hard to convince me to turn around and not go.  Financially, I'll figure out a way to get it done.  But actually I am not worried about any of it.  Lola, I will be forever gratefully that you came into my life when you did.  I still have a lot of work to do but the progress that I have made so far is simply amazing.  Again I will say, I can't explain it but I know this is not a fleeting, temporary feeling.  It feels normal. 
Big hugs to you... ((((( Lola ))))) Love, Pam

Dear Lola, God bless you and thank you so much for your wonderful gifts, I am working through the book at the moment and have had three Divine Openings.  I also know you may not read or answer this message due to your time commitments, but I wanted to ask you anyway, because I don't think I can be the only one experiencing this particular burning question.

So here goes: I am totally into this process -- I know for a fact that it's working.  After my first Divine Opening, I didn't 'feel' anything at all -- but I got a horrific migraine that lasted a whole week (and that was impervious to all over-the-counter medication!).  At the end of Migraine Week, my appendix became infected & had to be removed. Once I realised what this was all about, I had a little laugh with the Divine, who knows I'm fearless about hospitals, operations, etc, but not quite so brave about feelings!

The past week has been a *nightmare*.  My body hurts all over, especially my hips.  I feel very depressed and low.  I feel physically and emotionally 'dead', in between bursts of rage and anger, and self-loathing.  I am scared I'm about to lose my temper and break something in fury.  A few times, the rage & self-loathing have got so bad that I've hurt myself physically (I don't do this often, but the rage is so strong, it's like I can't control it).  I am very worried about this -- I know it's only been a week, but the slightest provocation or little thing going wrong can bring this on.

PLEASE HELP!! I am trying to 'surf' the emotions, and keep reminding myself to try and be gentle, and it's just that I am coughing up a hairball -- but really, I feel like I need some help.  I feel I can't deal with this alone, and I've nobody to talk to (other than well-meaning family who will tell me I need anti-depressants and counselling. I don't, as you know -- I just need God).

If you could please help, I would be very grateful.  At the moment, there isn't any ease, peace, gentleness or flow -- and I have asked for these.

Much love and many thanks, and may God bless you abundantly.
'Dawn', UK.

Folks like this are advised to get one on one sessions or come to a live course.


Occasionally, we do get an email like this:
"Actually, I do not see wonderful things from the course. It is actually discouraging that every audio and everything say how wonderful and quick this is.   I haven't experienced bliss and I'm not even sure about relief. Since I did the live course already, that is more discouraging.  Maybe I should have started with the simple stuff first.  I just wanted results quicker and it apparently didn't work that way.
I don't understand this course.  I try to feel the feelings but they don't go deeper.  I think I feel the way I feel.  The thought story still goes on.  I do not know how to ignore the stories that create fear, hopeless, anger, frustration, whatever it is.  There isn't anything but low vibrations so how can I not make decisions in it?  Life must go on, right.
I still wake up alternatively anxious, fearful, whatever.  I have been trying to give my tax and other situations over to the divine to ignore it and let it go.  There needs to be something to replace the thought, but then that would be working on the problem.  However, I feel that if the problem keeps coming into my thoughts, what is the harm of using some other method to fix it, since if it won't stay out of my mind, then I didn't look for it to get fixed.  It is already there.   You can't blank out your own mind.
I know there was that other lady who wondered when she would have thoughts again.  That didn't happen to me.  If we aren't supposed to compare our stories to others, Why do other people's stories keep filling everything in the courses?

Twice I hurt my shoulder a day after a divine opening online.  I am not sure I even want to do them more often.  I have been doing a little raving.   That is the only method I see here for replacing one thought with another.   But it isn't really getting rid of the thoughts.  How is it we are to resist our thoughts but not the feelings they just created.
I'd love to have a breakthrough experience to share."

We wrote to her that we are here if she would like to have personal Divine Openings counseling, which is ALWAYS more powerful. The happy ending is yet to come, but it's up to her.

Dear Lola, I can't thank you enough for the amazing experiences I'm having since I first discovered your website three weeks ago!
The energy I felt coming from the webpages was so strong, I couldn't believe it and ordered the book immediately. I then went back and explored further and read the first 35 pages from your book which I downloaded. I have to pace myself so as not to rush to finish the book (I'm nearly done now). I have now done three Divine Openings (two from your fabulous artwork) and the photograph of the Divine Openings Givers. The first time I deeply gazed at the first work of art in the book (online) I felt heaviness on the top of my head which started to run down to my fingers and toes which were tingling after the two minutes. I then closed my eyes (while sitting at the computer) and really felt an enormous amount of energy all through my body. After the 15 minutes was up I felt so exhausted I had to go and lie down!
The second Divine Opening was the Buddha painting and after the two minutes of looking, I immediately went to lie down and promptly fell asleep for half an hour. I woke up refreshed and more energized.
But, quite literally, as you mentioned might happen in your book, "all hell broke loose" in my personal life. I am going through a separation from my husband of 20 years and it has been emotionally draining. Things finally came to a head about 10 days ago, and a major catharsis happened to me. I have been trying to remain calm and collected, but suddenly emotions sprang up and I exploded!! I had no control over myself, and was actually completely shocked at myself, but I think it was one of the best things to have happened - it had to come out! I have been so worried and fearful about how things will turn out, but now after reading a large part of your book and doing the Divine Openings, I am much more positive about the future and am really trying to "let go" and let the good stuff come. I feel that I have already made progress and the best thing is that the heavy knot in my stomach is starting to go away. I am trying to feel compassionate towards my husband and some days I am able to feel this. Last weekend, I spent an entire afternoon out in the woods with my dog and felt completely blissful - I haven't felt truly happy in a very long time. Nature helps me - I feel the energy there. The next day, I was completely and hopelessly depressed - possibly the lowest point in my entire adult life. I just wanted to curl up in a corner and sob my eyes out (I didn't - I had to force myself to go to work). Talk about ups and downs!! Finally, I am starting to feel a bit more stabilized, and I am trying not to be so hard on myself - to just accept where I am right now and try to go with the flow.
I have wonderfully supportive friends, family and two amazing teenage boys who make it all worthwhile. And now I have YOU!!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Love and best wishes.

Your journey to the best part of your life begins here.

Dear Lola, God bless you and thank you so much for your wonderful gifts, I am working through the book at the moment and have had three Divine Openings.  I also know you may not read or answer this message due to your time commitments, but I wanted to ask you anyway, because I don't think I can be the only one experiencing this particular burning question.

So here goes: I am totally into this process -- I know for a fact that it's working.  After my first Divine Opening, I didn't 'feel' anything at all -- but I got a horrific migraine that lasted a whole week (and that was impervious to all over-the-counter medication!).  At the end of Migraine Week, my appendix became infected & had to be removed. Once I realised what this was all about, I had a little laugh with the Divine, who knows I'm fearless about hospitals, operations, etc, but not quite so brave about feelings!

The past week has been a *nightmare*.  My body hurts all over, especially my hips.  I feel very depressed and low.  I feel physically and emotionally 'dead', in between bursts of rage and anger, and self-loathing.  I am scared I'm about to lose my temper and break something in fury.  A few times, the rage & self-loathing have got so bad that I've hurt myself physically (I don't do this often, but the rage is so strong, it's like I can't control it).  I am very worried about this -- I know it's only been a week, but the slightest provocation or little thing going wrong can bring this on.

PLEASE HELP!! I am trying to 'surf' the emotions, and keep reminding myself to try and be gentle, and it's just that I am coughing up a hairball -- but really, I feel like I need some help.  I feel I can't deal with this alone, and I've nobody to talk to (other than well-meaning family who will tell me I need anti-depressants and counselling. I don't, as you know -- I just need God).

If you could please help, I would be very grateful.  At the moment, there isn't any ease, peace, gentleness or flow -- and I have asked for these.

Much love and many thanks, and may God bless you abundantly.
'Dawn', UK.

We advised her to get one on one help.

A Letter from Lola to the Divine Openings Givers. We want to share it with all of you:

One person from the Canada 2-Day Intensive had a heart attack right after the course, and now sees it as a blessing that she found out there was a hole in her heart. This was no surprise to me. She felt very, very heavy to me. In the course, I could feel that she had heart blockage on many levels. She told me she's been a victim. Now she's having her heart repaired, and that energy is moving on.  She and her Large Self are handling it, and she did one private session with me to soothe her mind in the process. See, all is well no matter what happens, but her mind still needs reassurance of that.

Two others from the Canada 2-Day got very sick and wrote me afterward. I soothed, but did not try to save them. I gave them options for sessions and said "or..... FEEL what you're feeling fully and you won't experience it physically so much". You will find that those who have very strong walls up against feeling will often manifest the energy movement as physical distress -- illness or pains. Of course, if they had known how to let emotion and energy flow, they would not be in the fix they're in!

You'll find that people who are terrified to feel either have the strongest emotional/physical reactions as the walls come down, or the longest struggle before the dam breaks...... and they feel huge chunks at once. Sometimes everything in their life has to break down before they give it up.

It is so astounding to find that feeling is one of the most feared experiences on the planet. And feeling is your Life energy flow, and your guidance system!

Michael experienced his full power and God Self during the initiation in Canada a week ago. He said he felt he was about to levitate as he stood there after, basking in the energy. (I was in nirvana, but keeping one foot on the ground to manage the process.) Then a few days later he had a HUGE movement of stagnant energy (fear, terror, sadness, grief) and he thought he was going to die! Being a black belt and relying on human ideas of strength for 35 years, he didn't realize how much he had not been feeling. But the awakening of the God Self within pushes out anything that is not in alignment with God Self. Sometimes violently. And then it must integrate into your daily life. That can take a while. Let's say he's flowing much smoother.

Men sometimes have great difficulty with feeling deep deep deeply, having been trained their whole lives not to show "weakness", but some women have those walls too. A war hero who fears no gun, bomb, or knife can break down into a twitching, terrified blob when confronted with his own feelings about a dying parent or a lost love. That feeling can't be shot, stabbed, or conquered. It must be experienced fully.

When people aren't feeling, they will try to manage everything with the mind, from the neck up. They try to think through their feelings, or do the spiritual bypass and not have them. One man who is very, very powerful and successful in the world fled the 5-Day in cold sweats with his muscles all seizing up, and I have not heard from him after many emails and calls. Feeling had been his waterloo through many phone sessions. I know he will complete it when he's ready. He's a lovely, generous, sensitive person. He wants to make a difference and does, and this just demonstrates to you how terrifying it is to feel when the mind has told you for decades that you must not feel THAT!

And once you feel it, you're FREE! Very quickly!

The vast majority of people you work with will NOT have these difficulties .... it will be a blissful, sweet unfolding. But you need to know that it does happen, and that the more you prepare them, the easier they go through it, and they don't think they're losing their minds or get false medical alarms. As you can see, some alarms are real. The book says all this, but people can panic and don't remember. You are not responsible for them -- they are -- but you can help if they will let you, and if they will stick with it.

Love you all,

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