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    Virtual Retreat for Powerful Results at Home!

    Experience Lola's newest leading-edge methods LIVE, up-close, and personal. Grace does 90%, Lola assists you with energy, so transformation and healing happen faster. Bring your needs and desires. English only, or English/German.

deep, powerful, transformative, healing

Get amazing results in Lola's powerful Grace energy vortex. Experience her newest, most empowering, life-changing, leading-edge transformation methods live. Your Large Self bring forward just what you need next. In the periods of deep, blissful silence you go deeper than ever before, and become your Large Self more fully.  

Henriette P: "Energy was pulsing everywhere. You've been my spiritual teacher for 9 years now, and I love you more and more. You are so blissed." 

BIG BONUSES: Permanent access (as long as you stay active on the website) to all of the hundreds of videos and audios from this and previous Virtual Retreats - media that's not found in any other course. The Your Virtual Retreats Media Library appears in your Account. This bonus is worth thousands. Many people do their own private retreats later using this media - or go back for a quick tuneup, boost, or just to expand.

Whatever you want next: emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, and more, Lola helps you open to receive it.  More powerful than any ordinary live meditation, vipassana, tantra, or yoga retreat. And much longer lasting! You build upon your foundation every time you go deeper in a Divine Openings event. 

There is no such thing as maintenance.
The Universe is expanding, and we stay in the flow when we expand too.

Even when they can't take full days off work, people still report big results. You could take your silent time on the weekend, and extend your retreat through Sunday.

it starts the moment you register

You enter the retreat vortex the moment you register. You may feel it, or not, and you may experience subtle or dramatic shifts even before you join Lola in the live Zoom room. You could start watching the media from past VR's RIGHT NOW if you want to get a head start or soften.  

    • Cerstin : "Old disappointments with myself went from a 10 to a 0. All, all love for you, blessings love and light, Thank you so much!"
    • Andrea: "Separation anxiety lowered from a 7 down to 0.
    • Sabine: "Professional frustration went from 8 down to 0."
    • Kath: "Overall tension started at 10 and by end of Day 1 was down to 2."

More details, results and raves below. This time it's English/German 
lola jones powerful intimate virtual retreat

LIVE Virtual Retreat - Watch for next date and time


Every other Virtual Retreat is English-only, then we offer an English-German, so if you want German /English, watch this page for the next one.

 You'll experience the very NEWEST, most powerful methods Lola has brought in recently. Plus strengthen the basics you've not quite yet mastered. Let Lola help you:

      • Raise the vibration of old (or new) energies that have been resistant, including fears, even if you don't know what they are.
      • Neutralize negative multi-dimensional energies and other lives that have been causing pain or struggle.
      • Finally be done with low-vibration ancestral patterns, freeing you AND your ancestors and children. 
      • Energetically install new,  more empowering beliefs and allow more possibilities to open to you. 
      • "Locate" your Large Self for easy access to intuition and guidance.
      • Overcome your mind's resistance to silence that holds you back from your inner knowing, bliss, and deep meditation!
      • Quick meditations for busy people;  Active meditations; Non-habitual movement and vocals, and longer deep meditations.
      • Physical rejuvenation happens. (Some physical healings can happen, but if that's your #1 goal, the Healing Course or a Healing Webinar focus more on healing.)
      • Neutralize old trauma that's blocking you, resolve any negative charge on anyone or anything to free up your energy! Learn what keeps Diving In from working and how to remedy that. 
      • Amazing practical results. Bring your whole list of desires.

If you need more details read on below.

raves and results (more below)

      • Ute: "Like a new reality."
      • Helena, who came with many physical ailments: "I feel great, powerful, and full of ease."
      • Lynda: "Dear Lola, I cannot tell you how much you inspire me.  In the first few minutes of our retreat, I felt tears come to my eyes as you explained the latest evolutions in Divine Openings.  I feel so lucky to have found you, and to get to fuel my life with the energy of Divine Openings. And it is such a joy to watch you get even more joyful (and younger!) every year that I know you.  Thank you for being you."
      • "Dear Lola, The Virtual Retreat did me sooo much good. I am just noticing this summer what is changing in me and around me for the best. Of course I share my raves with my big daughters. Also with them so much moves to the positive." Dorothea
      • Sophia H: "Thank you for this tremendous Gift and the experience. You are like a Divine Mother to me." 

Lola serious square web How to do your Virtual retreat:

      • Set aside the time to focus within and be with The Presence 100%. For maximum results, make no other plans!
      • You could go away to a cabin, vacation spot, or stay home.
      • If you just can't take all that time off work, that's okay. People have gotten big results just from watching the media later and talking with Lola on the forum between meetings. Your intention is powerful.
      • Attend live with Lola on Zoom or watch after work.
      • Post in the chat during meetings. 
      • Lola reads your energy, answers, guides, and coaches in-depth when needed. 
      • Wonderful, pleasurable activities and assignments make the most of your time between meetings and dramatically increase your results.
      • Your media is posted soon for later viewing or review.
      • You may watch videos from previous Virtual Retreats to fill your retreat time between meetings, and absorb more energy on more topics!
      • Spend some time out in nature. 

Participants get miraculous results, as fast and powerful as in-person retreats! You'll be richly rewarded for your commitment to your evolution.

Do your 10%, relax, and let grace work for you.

You just bathe in powerful Grace energy. 

Bring any goal, desire, or challenge to the Virtual Retreat, and Lola will help you. Note: Lola won't address specific physical healing in this Virtual Retreat, but general healing will be given, and that often is enough!

Virtual Retreats were a great blessing of coronavirus.We all know that contrast challenges us to expand, to grow, to be better. When live retreats were delayed so long, Lola asked The Presence, "How can the Virtual Retreats be as powerful and effective as in-person retreats?" Within a week, new, vastly more powerful energy came in. Virtual Retreat results skyrocketed.

This delicious video gives you a taste of a Virtual Retreat, help you get clear on what you want, and get the energy flowing for it. You may actually feel the energy lining up for it. 

Virtual Retreats take you deep into the silence, beyond words.

This video shows how The Portals and Retreats are completely different and work together. Please take Portal 1 before your Virtual Retreat or soon after it. Pleasurable immersion in the Portals gives you all of the& essential foundational basics that the Virtual Retreats builds upon but does not cover.

SAMPLE AUDIO: Get an energy attunement from this audio from the Virtual Retreat.
Whether you feel the energy or not, notice how you feel after. Witness if old feeling moves, pain leaves, tears come, or whatever happens.

Bonuses - A Treasure Chest For Blissful Immersion Anytime

divine treasure chest of graceBonus 1: Get this Virtual Retreat's audios and videos FREE, to enjoy again later.

Bonus 2: Get the audios and videos from many other Virtual Retreats. You'll discover favorite media you want to download on your device. Listen upon waking or before bed.

  •   It's enough to fill up many whole days of retreat immersion if you wish.
  •    Watch or listen for a while, then rest and be in silence for a while. Repeat!

Lola's events are so rich, and she gives you so much, it's impossible to absorb it all at once.

No worries. You get to keep the media from your Virtual Retreat to enjoy again and again, during, and after the live online retreat. You'll have a priceless treasure trove of multimedia: audios, videos, meditations, activities, assignments, and a bit of text that's not found in any other course.

It's an in-depth online Retreat Course to retake and review whenever you wish. Often you hear it better the second time because you've softened and your consciousness has expanded in the meantime.

Lola always gives you more. Register above.

lola jones vortexTime in Lola's energy shifts your energy 


Lola enfolds you in a warm, loving, powerful vortex to elevate your experience and assist your transformation. (Vortex artwork by Lola Jones.)

She invokes the profoundly powerful spiritual energy in her own body, and includes you in that vortex. Most people can feel it, but it works even if you cannot.

It changes you from the inside out. Energy always changes first, manifestation follows.

more raves and results

Lola's makes the Virtual Retreats to be as powerful as a live retreat, according to hundreds of happy participants: 

      • Sophia after only the first day: "The pain before was a 7 now it's a 3 - like melting the pain away with a Bath of Love."
      • Sandra Eichler after a short healing: "Headache from 8 to 2, wow!" Now it's gone.
      • Michelle L.: "It felt like 1000 stars exploding down my spine. I moved from a fear of the future to trust."
      • Tanja: "I feel you so powerful this time...like thousands of bubbles inside of me.... Thank you so much sharing your wonderful energy. After day two my skin is better. I'm so thankful to have these online retreat days. Thank you, Lola." 
      • Robin: "Fear of illness has gone from a 10 to a zero. Gone."
      • Bettina: "Anxiety about the future dropped from a 7 down to a 1."
      • Aloisia: "Old fear dropped from an 8 to a 2."
      • Annette : "I thank you sooooooo much. It´s amazing for me!"
      • Sabine: "Thank you so much for your great gift."
      • Dorothea: 1. My emotional dependence on a man who separated from me three years ago, I was able to dissolve by diving into all the hurts. I feel free and happy with myself and am open to a loving and easy love relationship. (Oddly enough, the ex has now moved back to my town because he lost his job. But he hasn't contacted me, guess I'm not on his frequency anymore...).
        2. I got my dream job on my dream terms: It's very easy, very well paid, I have the best bosses and colleagues, a lot of freedom and so many great people around me who are all in a good mood. Wonderful. Yes, there is that: At the spa reception of a wonderful sports hotel in the Allgäu. Hooray!!!
        3. Through my socially insured job, which I love very much, I can now just let go of my efforts and the pressure of being self-employed. Because I am allowed to offer the wonderful meditations and coachings in this hotel to the guests and also to my colleagues. Let everything flow in quite easily. Hooray!!!!
        4. I got the right apartment in just one day, although there were over thirty applicants in one hour.  Now I can move to near my new workplace, which is 300 km away from my previous home. The greatest thing: It is brand new renovated, a space miracle, a price miracle and I don't even have to pay deposit, which is usually three months rent in this country. And the landlords are very accommodating and lovely and the neighbors quiet and pleasant and well off. Hooray!!!!!
        5. For my previous apartment in which one of my 4 daughters still lives I have found the best and most quickly available next tenant, which is a joy for everyone: the father of my daughters. Now the apartment remains a contact point for all the girls. How great! Hooray!!! Yes, I believe in miracles, because I experience them at the moment very extensively and I am so happy that I can also accept them, because I know that I am worth it. Thank you Lola, thank you my Large Self, the love and abundance within me. Feeling you, dear Lola, lovingly embraced. Dorothea
      • Thank you for sharing! It makes our day! Love, Lola


Energy is beyond space and time

"The healing meditations from the September Virtual Retreat are amazing! After the Virtual Retreat last week, I got a heavy dull migraine, feeling sick to my stomach... I listened to the Full Body Energizing Meditation and got such a relief! The message was to slow down, slow down, slow down... and allow this BIG energy to move! I also had a dream on the first night of the Virtual Retreat where we were on an in-person retreat somewhere in Germany together... my Large Self was telling me that the virtual retreat is as powerful as the in-person retreat... yes, absolutely!!! Thank you so much!" Much love, Sandra E., Germany

Miracles have always happened in live retreats, sessions, and webinars.

Now the Virtual Retreats are a quantum jump in power.

Live zoom retreats like this set up the perfect conditions for more profound spiritual experiences. It's intense, pleasurable focus, and warm, personal support from Lola for your ongoing evolution.

Now you don't need to leave home! 

Another participant's report: "I thank you so much for the wonderful Virtual Retreat! It was very extraordinary, so powerful and relaxing at the same time. It is working in my body and everywhere. I could feel the uplifting immediately when I was meditating, much more deeper in shorter time. And I could feel the stillness in me much more than before." Sabine Mixdorf, Germany  


Watch this space for the next English/German Virtual Retreat. This is the button for English/German:


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