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Sedona, AZ 5-Day Retreat Package

  • You'll remember this as the week your entire life changed. A vacation, but better: it's a lifelong investment in your spiritual and personal growth.

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  • Sie werden diese Woche als die Woche in Erinnerung behalten, die Ihr ganzes Leben verändert hat. Ein Urlaub, aber besser: Es ist eine lebenslange Investition in Ihr geistiges und persönliches Wachstum.

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Pay a deposit of $1,200.00 per item

Returning Retreaters may be eligible for a Returner's discount.

We love having you return to go higher at each retreat, and your energy contributes to the vibration there. Each retreat is different, so you will be delighted by the fresh, new leading-edge energies, processes, and meditations.

If you cannot agree to all of the items below, please register at full tuition.

Important requirements for all retreats.

  • Don't make chit chat with Lola before, during, or after the retreat unless she initiates it. She is in a deep state, not in the mode for idle chat, even when you cannot tell.
  • Go within, stay within, and be silent.  The task chart eliminates most of the need to talk.  Once silence begins, talk with other returners only as necessary for tasks.
  • For socializing, arrive the day before, or wait till the retreat is over.
  • If you see anyone talking, ask them to respect everyone's silence.
  • Be responsible for your own reality, vibration, and experience. Dive in, take everything to The Presence. Annoyances, complaints, feelings are to be taken within.

What do returners do in Sedona?

  • Bring a large bunch of flowers that will last five days from a local grocery. We have plenty of vases, so please don't buy one! Roses last longest!
  • You don't need to come early at the start. You only need to stay an hour or so after the retreat, to help clean up.
  • Sign up for tasks on the list at the retreat.
  • Everyone helps DURING the retreat: set out food, help clean up after meals, set up the room for activities, and tidy up at end of sessions and at end of day.


  • Review the online Pre-Retreat Preparation Course again and watch the new videos before you arrive. It changes as the energies change.

If you are a returning Guide or will be Certified here

  • Give Divine Openings ONLY if you're Certified, or if you were a Giver and Lola okays it, and only when Lola requests.
  • Reread the constantly updated Guidelines.
  • Do not give eye to eye Divine Openings at all.

  • Returners have taken this 5 Day Silent Retreat before, are at least in Portal 1, and have read the book.
  • You must take the Pre-Retreat Course again. Many things change.
  • To get this dramatically lower tuition you must give service and help hold the space at a high vibration.
  • If you can't or don't wish to serve, please register at full tuition.

If you'd like to contribute – and you agree to the requirements above – select Returning Retreater to get a discount.

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The mind strains to grasp, categorize, control, and understand. The Larger Intelligence within you KNOWS without words or concepts, and actions occur with ease in concert with the flow of Life.
Lola Jones