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It's more the energy than the words

Lola is a master of the "three-sentence email" that ends up being life-changing. 

She always answers with love, and sometimes humor and playfulness to break through resistance. Over-seriousness slows down our evolution. Lola used to be a cowgirl, and cowgirls know that laughter and straight talk with no pretense can work miracles.


Lola Answers Divine Openings related questions

Q: I write you because I feel kind of helpless. This week I had three high contrast experiences (the first one was the most severe, my husband had a car accident) that I can not explain with my current vibration and the vibration of the last several months. My vibration has been neutral or higher, I've had so much joy and happiness in my life and now this hit me hard. Today it begins to make me nervous (the third "thing" happened.) Could these things that happened come from a low vibration that I've had quite a long time? I'm way better than I was before Divine Openings and when a feeling comes up, I witness it and either dive in or tip the nose up as you teach. Love, Katharina 
A: Dear Katharina, I am glad you wrote me. You do not create for your husband, or anyone else. Their experiences are their own and have NOTHING to do with your vibration. And high contrast experiences are not wrong. Even contrast brings us evolution and gifts IF we soften, allow, and accept whatever happens, and make the best of it to get the gifts it brings. Yes, some things are from far past vibrations. NOTE: Please don’t try to make the spiritual path an "insurance policy against contrast", or "protection from life's challenges." That is RESISTANCE, and will bring you more trouble. Feel YOUR feelings about the high contrast events and move that energy. That’s all. Then after you come to peace with events, concentrate on keeping your vibration high.
(She answered thanking Lola and feeling at peace. She "got it" and dropped the wish for a "spiritual insurance policy.")

Q: It would be helpful to understand your thoughts on the work of Eckhart Tolle. I have read your book and someone gave me a copy of Tolle's A New Earth. It seems to contradict what you are saying (as many do) and it gets a bit confusing! Thank you, Sue
A: Dear Sue, understanding is the booby prize. Go for experience rather than intellectual talk, and all the mental questions lose meaning as you enjoy your life instead of thinking about concepts. Sure, many paths contradict. From watching thousands of people fly or flounder I have come to say, "pick one path that WORKS and stick with it." Otherwise you get confused. But you've noticed that.... ha ha.... And seeking is an addiction that keeps you seeking, not finding! When you stop seeking, cold turkey, and go within (which Divine Openings and a few other paths have you do) you come to get your answers from inside, direct from The Presence, not from books. When that happens the confusion disappears.  Also, there is not ONE reality, and with some mastery from going within, you will choose the one you want to live in. Love, Lola

Q: "I'm normally happy and easy going, but after the first few Divine Openings I got irritable. Is this okay?"
A: All feelings are good, and you tapped into some lower vibrations that needed raising that you didn't know about. Things will go better due to reclaiming old tied up power.

Q: "I couldn't sleep after some of the Divine Openings."
A: Don't resist being awake, just lie quietly, rest, breathe, savor and soar, and you will rise refreshed.

Q: What do you say to people who are not in agreement with you on some points?
A: Nothing. Agreement is not necessary in an enlightened world, and wouldn't even be healthy. Diversity is healthy. There is not just one truth. Truth expands with different levels of consciousness. I don't enjoy argument, and if I find myself attached to being right about spirituality, and making someone wrong, even if their path is not working for them, I need an attitude adjustment. Love, Lola, aka the Cowgirl Guru

Q: Even though I've been in the webinar for four weeks I'm still depressed.
A:  Let's call it heaviness instead of depression because that gets you in your body and out of your head. Depression is "resisted feelings" so it creates a heaviness in you.  Just keep on moving and enjoying where you can. You know the peace you want exists because you’ve had it. Think DEEPLY about this: you believe the bad times and the doubtful stories are real more than you believe the good times and the happy stories are real. And isn’t that interesting??? Watch what you give your belief to. Ease and Flow, Lola

She replied: Dear Lola, I don't know why, and I don't know how, but your words change the world for me. Thank you so much! Love, Uta

Q: My 14 yr old daughter would like to start reading ‘Things Are Going Great in My Absence’. (She has seen how my life has changed in the last year just by reading the book) Would she just follow the book and receive exactly what she needs? I am thinking so. Thank you for clarifying! Mary
A: Yes, Mary, she would not get an enlightenment initiation until she is 18, but she will get uplifting and help in following her own inner voice. She will get awakenings and reminders of who she really is. And love to you for WALKING it rather than talking it. It works so much better, doesn't it? Love, Lola

Q: Can't I just give myself a Divine Opening™? Sheila
A: If you can do that, then do it! And if you can't, Lola can through Portals 1 - 5 and the book Things Are Going Great In My Absence

Q: I've had schizophrenia for 8 years and am on medication. The book says to talk to you before proceeding. I'm somewhat grounded. Meditation made me psychotic, so I want to be careful. Jim
A: Good that you have some experience with your condition+spirituality, and are somewhat grounded. Divine Openings will help you get very grounded.

  • Proceed carefully, knowing you are responsible for making your own decisions about your wellbeing.
  • Try one Divine Opening artwork in the book, but intend it to be a Divine Mother hug (soothing,) not a Divine Opening (stimulating.) 
  • Intend it to be soothing, smoothing, balancing, and healing--not at all stimulating.
  • Watch your reaction with your doctor. If you're stable, wait two weeks before the next one and do the same. If you get manic or grandiose, stop.
See, your condition makes you open, and even too open, “uncontrolled open,” and needing inner balance so you don’t spin off into random realities. Most people come to spirituality with the opposite extreme going on: not so open, afraid to consider another reality, and resistant to letting go of comfy norms to experience something radically new. 
You are sensitive, so more is not better. Read slowly, assimilate small chunks, and feel into it softly and gently, and that way you will not overdo it and get slammed by too much happening at once. Eventually you may feel you can try a Divine Opening—it is up to you, and is never a must. You could do Divine Mother Hugs forever and do great. I’ll send you a healing Divine Mother Hug tonight as you sleep, because I’m guided to. It’ll be very soothing, softening, and balancing. Ease, grace, and flow, Lola

Q: "When will I stop having negative emotions?"
A: Oh, dear, never, I hope! Emotions let you know where you are in relationship to The Divine! You wouldn't want to throw your compass away if you got lost, would you? You wouldn't break your smoke alarms because they're noisy and annoying ...would you?

I hear so many people asking this, and it is the very resistance to down or negative feelings that cause those feelings to persist. Trying to get rid of negative emotions, heal them, fix them, or make them go away is one of the leading causes of negative emotions! Have you ever noticed that no matter how many of them you heal, more always come? This is a booby trap of pop spirituality and psychology.

Trying to do what I call a “spiritual bypass” around negative emotions causes many good, spiritual people to get stalled in their development. Avoidance of negative emotion is a glass ceiling that leaves you mystified at what is blocking you. You can meditate 5 hours a day, but you can’t go beyond a certain spiritual height without totally embracing and loving the whole human experience, including the body and emotions.

May I suggest that you ask a different question? “How can I be with, embrace, and freely allow ANY emotion to flow on through me, and gain emotional fluidity and freedom?” Then, interestingly, you'll have negative emotions a lot less.

It is, however, an experiential process, and not a mental exercise. It involves (surprise, surprise) feeling, not thinking! In Divine Openings Level One, everyone learns it. The book, Things Are Going Great In My Absence teaches it. (Click Books in menu at left to order.) The audio series, Dive In And Be With It walks you through the process while you relax, not work on yourself. (To order, click Audios in the menu.)

Those who stay with the process master it, because this process gives you so much help from Divine Grace, and gives you the conscious mind tools you need. Why try to do it all yourself? Let the help in, honey!

Q: It's funny that it's taken me five years of Divine Openings to ask this question since I'm normally so "mental", but I just realized that I don't fully understand the distinction between a vibration and an emotion. Is there a difference between feeling a certain way and vibrating a certain way? Lynda, law professor, Canada
A: I think of it this way: our conscious minds tell all kinds of stories to make sense of what we cannot see, but we can feel. The story I tell is that everything is vibration. It's all just vibrations, pinging away. And feelings are one kind of vibration. My thoughts are another kind of vibration. The desk that I'm sitting at is yet another kind, and the letters on the screen yet another kind of vibration. Whew. When I take even a second to feel my own vibration, it all becomes very big and wonderful and mysterious. Lots of love and smiles for you!

Q: I say this with respect, factually, but I had a very erotic dream with Lola, a long, very graphic (almost real) dream. The images of which are still crisp and clear in my head along with the tastes and smells. Is this normal? Please do not feel offended by my stating the above, I am just being truthful and factual. Rish, India
A: Sometimes people experience powerful initiation dreams or visions that the body/mind interprets and plays out as sexual, sex being the nearest thing they know to that kind of explosive power. When what’s happening in the Non-Physical is too abstract to be interpreted or retained by the mind, we translate it to sensory experiences we can relate to. You could say that the Big Bang was a giant orgasm of explosive creativity between the Presence's masculine and feminine principles. It created this current universe, and all living things continue to create with this joyful energy, whether in work, play, or sex. You are absolutely blessed by the dream, and it's not personal to Lola. She is an embodiment of the Divine Mother or the feminine principle both in the physical and the Non-Physical. Let us know what happens in your life.

Q: How do I heal myself of all my past hurts and traumas? I’ve done a lot of healing work for decades, so when will I be done?
A: You don’t need to heal anything, sweetie. You never did. You just need to relearn to let energy and emotion flow. Don’t hold it back, don’t try to diminish it, and don’t keep recreating it either. We recreate it by telling the story over and over to ourselves and others, by thinking about it, and reliving it, processing it, and focusing on it. So drop the story and feel only the feelings. Then they will move. But they won't move if you keep retelling yourself the story. They'll intensify.

And going looking for things to “heal” …. Well, that actually creates more things to heal. You ask, “What is holding me back?” and your mind creates some stuff in response to it. Your mind loves to do that because it likes continuing this game. You ask, “What do I need to heal?” and your mind creates some more stuff to heal. This can go on for a lifetime ....

.... Oh..... you’ve noticed that.

Having someone else "heal" you just makes you dependent on a never ending string of healers and seminars. By learning to flow energy, all that becomes a non-issue, and you can just live.

Reclaim the wisdom you were born with that lets every experience come and go, come and go, holding onto nothing. Let the energy of all that old stuff flow on through you and out. It’s natural to children, before we train them out of it! You are not wounded or broken. You are good, you are whole, you are powerful. Popular culture has conditioned us to believe that we need to work on ourselves endlessly to get happy. It’s much easier than that. Your natural state is happiness. Divine Openings removes what is NOT you, and what is left is happy.

Now, I know it's easier said than done, so if you need help, and would like to let The Divine do the heavy lifting, there are many options on this site for you. 

PS - Life is simple. The mind makes it complicated. Way too complicated.

Q: I’ve watched The Secret 155 times, and it looks like all I need to do is think positively about things and they’ll happen. So why isn't it working for me?

A: The movie leaves out vital details..... OK, all of the most vital details. It completely leaves out The Presence, God, or Source Energy. How can you align your vibration with it if you aren't aware of it? Many of the teachers in the Secret Movie are not authentic Law of Attraction teachers. The most authentic ones, Jerry and Esther Hicks, had themselves taken out of the movie because it wasn't as they were promised it would be.

At each level of consciousness you attain, the reality is slightly different, until finally at some level of consciousness you do achieve mastery, and you do perform miracles. Just like at different levels of skiing people can ski different runs. You don’t even try the black diamond runs until you have the skill and that inner confidence that you can do it without crashing. And I definitely wouldn’t attempt hang gliding until you’re very confident (smile).

For example, if you're in fear, don't quit your job hoping to get your book published next week. If you're up there in bliss about money and work, the book could very well get published next week.

Take an extended course of study that gives you all the details you need, not just some bullet points and sound bytes.

Divine Openings will get you there, or you can pick any another program that works. You should see major attitude improvement within a month or so if you really apply it and if the program really works. You must actually change your vibration, not just think positive thoughts. 

Most importantly, stay the course once you know it works. Don’t let your mind distract you and talk you out of continuing. It wants you to stay in struggle! And don't mix too many modalities and get confused. Most people only need one good path.

Q: Hi Lola, When the book opens me up to this wonderful state of bliss and enlightenment, why do I need to take online courses?  Isn't that just more of the "you need to work harder?  Angela
A: Dear Angela,
1. My courses aren't about working on yourself. These multimedia courses are colorful, fun, and not work at all. Some people want or need more NEW and stimulating methods. Some need more support and input - some don't - everyone's pace is different. 
2. It's helpful to fill your mind with this new vibe daily, since the world doesn't always support this new reality. The books can't keep you engaged and stimulated for years. The online courses and live retreats absolutely CAN keep you happily evolving, growing, and happier each year -- for life!
3. Some people are more resistant, have more fear, feel more unworthiness, or have more blind spots and need more help staying with it till they get it.
4. By Portal 2, it's all about fun, a higher evolutionary level than the book Things Are Going Great In My Absence. Then Jumping The Matrix takes you into newer territory. By Portal 5, you don't "need it", you just enjoy it. When exploring new countries, I get a map and advice from guidebooks by people who've been there and know the hot spots. Divine Openings is a road map to a lifetime of ever-expanding freedom.
5. The evolution goes on for eternity..... it never stops, although desperate seeking, and suffering, and powerlessness, can certainly stop it. I am an "evolution guide". I am a specialist in bringing in new energies to the planet. I occasionally use internet experts, an accountant, and a handyman. Because of their more intense focus, they have gifts in areas I don't have. I focus on Divine Openings 24/7, so I'm more deliberately tuned into that specialty.
6. Most importantly, some people let it in quickly, some are slower, some take far longer than average but they get here. See the note below. Follow your heart, not your head, my dear!  Love, Lola

Q: I’m obsessed with finding my ideal partner, and I can’t seem to find him. I’m always longing for love. Help!
A: Dear Obsessed, What a perfect distraction from seeking the deep love of your Large Self! That feeling of longing for love, if you think about it, is not love at all! It’s the feeling of lacking love. All our lives we’ve heard and felt the angst in most songs, movies, and novels and got conditioned that love feels like that. Honey, that aching, bittersweet, painful feeling of “wanting but not having or keeping” is NOT LOVE. I was in my late forties before I realized that the feeling sensation I’d always thought was love, was actually angst, lacking, fear, and insecurity about losing a love. As I’d look in his eyes, I was actually feeling, “Oh, I love him so much. I hope he still loves me tomorrow. Does he love me? Oh, sweet sorrow!”

And he’s not even gone yet! But he soon is, at least emotionally, when you’re vibrating that feeling.

Freedom came when I no longer needed a partner and had such a solid, powerful foundation within myself that lack, longing, and insecurity were no longer even in my repertoir of feelings. Those questions won’t even occur to you when you’re truly free.

Your thoughts will run more like, “This is fun. We’ll see where it goes. It’s all good. If he’s the one, he’ll win ME. If not, who wants a man who doesn’t want me? I’m having a great time anyway, no hurry.”

Yes, you will, I promise.

The feeling of love has no fear, drama, or angst in it. None! It’s comfortable, easy, and sweet. There are no questions. There is no wondering. It feels 100% good 95% of the time when two enlightened, secure people are together.

Now, all this is easy to say, so here’s what to do for starters: forget about dating and go get happy and secure. Commit to having as much fun as a human can have, and get your mind completely off of relationship. Find it in friends, and most of all, within your Divine Self. Make close friends with it. The Divine Presence is the best matchmaking service in the world.

Often the best way to release resistance on a subject you’re obsessed about is to take a big long vacation from that subject. Tear your little fingernails loose from it and PLAY! If you want love now, get a dog and experience what real love is. Then true love comes up and licks your hand when you least expect it.

You could be Mentored by me for a year if you want intense support getting to that delicious freedom.  Love, Lola

Enjoy all the free material on the site, and when you're serious about letting in all the good, Your Journey Begins here.

It's your LIFE. Make it great.

Q: Lola, how does Divine Openings™ differ from oneness blessing or deekshas? Devon
A: Deeksha was a cult. Divine Openings is not. With Divine Openings there is no guru, and Lola has you experience The Presence within you directly and be empowered. Deeksha has you depend on the guru. Divine Openings™ is based on NOW, and NOW, and NOW rather than any ancient traditions, and it continues to evolve with current energy downloads. The vital "conscious mind piece" of Divine Openings™ makes a big difference that is missing from deeksha.
Oneness blessing or deeksha includes beliefs like the need to clear karma, the need to work on yourself, and the belief that oneness (everyone believing the same thing) is an appropriate goal. Divine Openings requires none of that.
Look at the lives of the students to discern if any path is helpful. Are they relatively quickly happy, enlightened, and living successfully in the world? Can they stop seeking now, or are they still seeking, working on themselves, and having to get more blessings and attend more support meetings? We cannot imagine people needing the number of Divine Openings™ as many people say they are getting of deeksha, and most types of sessions or treatments. Everyone should make their own choices. We don't think the whole world should do Divine Openings. Choice, Free Will, diversity, variety, and contrast is positive, and we hope we're never all engulfed by "oneness"  Love, Lola

Q: Your thoughts about declaring bankruptcy?  I would NEVER EVER EVER have considered it even 3 months ago, but the thought of it makes me feel relieved. I have an extraordinary amount of debt. Also I want to do something more fun, but was raised to "work hard." Dying to hear your thoughts, Veronica
A: You already feel it, and people really do feel better after bankruptcy if they raise their vibration and move on. If you can't dig out, bail out. Huge corporations do it all the time, ha ha. You'll create your finances differently with a fresh start and Divine Openings. That debt was created in your less conscious, less powerful pre-Divine Openings vibration. You won't do that again. I love being responsible, but I'm responsible to my well being first. I'm debt free except for my home, but if I was in a deep, deep hole I'd get out of it the best I could. Happiness is very important.
I love working, and I work, sometimes even long and hard, but at best there's an underlying ease to it. I work because who I AM is to create, and because I don't want to stagnate, and because challenging and even pushing ourselves is a way to flow energy and keep life exciting, flowing, and expanding. It is a physical world and most things succeed only when you consistently do the work, even the parts you don't want to do, and put your whole heart and mind, and yes, some sweat and consistent action into it, but leave room for Grace to do a lot of it for you. It should not feel like struggle.
Things rarely happen entirely from just sitting there waiting for it to fall on your head or chasing the get-rich-quick-easy schemes. You usually have to do some inspired action to let it in. Even once it's rolling we have to keep it fresh, both to stay up with the rapidly expanding world, and to keep the energy flowing. It's a balance. Work too hard and you're tired and resistant and out of the flow. Work too little and your energy isn't in it, and it just never gets off the ground at all. Love, Lola

Q: Shouldn't Lola be doing her work for free?
A: Are you compensated for your work? Do you still need money to live, pay rent, cover expenses of doing your work? This website costs $40,000 a year to maintain, and we do have employees. Money is a tool we use to pay for services and goods. Money has no intrinsic goodness or badness. It's a neutral vibration, and has no meaning or value except what we each give it. It sounds like you have negative judgments about money, and those folks always have money trouble. Get in the flow and let money nourish you just like air, water, and all the other gifts from The Presence do.
Or, we playfully invite you:  if you know how to run an organization without money, come work for us -- you'll work free of course, since you believe in working for free. You can pay our bills so that our students don't have to support this work!

Q: The website is heavy on marketing the book, online courses and retreats. I dislike being "sold" something. I had a dream with Lola in it, then I found the website, so I understand that she is one of the steps for me to take to further my growth, however, I do not want to give my power away to her.
A: So don't. No one can sell you anything. We do let you know that all these good things are available. Do you have a belief that money and offering things for sale is bad? That is why spiritual people so often struggle with abudance or are broke. They reject it! That vibration repels money from you. It's also a great excuse to reject a path that will change you. Your money lack will continue as long as you hold judgments about money. Money is an energy and a handy tool. Buy what supports or delights you and drop the negativity.   Love, Lola

Relationship question: I'm getting a divorce, and my wife and I have opposite ideas about what to do with our house. When two people want two different things, how can The Presence give both what they're asking for?  A Veterinary Doctor
A: I think the Intelligence that orchestrates all dimensions and Universes can handle that little detail, don't you? If you can get out of the way, that is. You can always have the essence of what you want, if not the form, if you'll let The Divine do the heavy lifting. Let go of how you think it has to look, or be. There are millions of ways for you both to be happy with the outcome. There are at least a million ways for both you and your ex to be happy.
(He wrote again in a week to say it worked and it was resolved. She came up with a new plan to buy him out, and they were both happy.)

Q: Dear Lola, You said once that more people than ever are members on this site, but the Forum not always busy because they don't need to talk, and their relationship with God gets very private and intimate. I so get this now. Then you said "spiritual should become an outmoded term". What does that mean?
A: I hope you're all out there building community that is not based on working on yourself or spiritual seeking, but is based on celebrating, creating, living, playing, and loving. Happiness and a great life don't have to be labelled "spiritual"! Spiritual has taken on a meaning like "hospital" or "broken"! Wild, huh?
No one should live their whole life in a hospital "striving to get better"! Get better, then get out and live, enjoy, and be productive! When I give parties or socialize, it's a regular party, with music, dance, chat, and some even drink a little wine. It's NEVER labeled "spiritual". I live a normal physical life - a good balance to this wild one I live with Divine Openings! Love you, you free and happy being, Lola

Q: Dear Lola, Your email is like a fresh breeze. Two days ago, (months into reading the book), I was taken totally by surprise by my husband's very negative aggressive vibrations, it hit me in the solar plexus, like a blow. Using all the information in the book, watching the videos, listening to your Sooth Yourself audios that come with Portal 2, listening to your music, it all helped a bit, and eventually I had to leave the house and walked for over an hour. That worked but I have still felt bruised inside, until an hour ago when I received your newsletter. God Bless You Lola, how do you do this? I have gained great experience from this gift, and will now reach stability soon. Much Love and Peace Profound. Eileen xx
A: The Presence orchestrates my words to your needs. And you are now very difficult to keep down! It is not unusual for your opening to affect a spouse - it begins to move their vibration. Oddly enough, this is a very positive indicator that your vibration has changed so much it has de-stabilized the old equilibrium between you. If he had some very low vibrations active within him, "upward" could mean "up through anger". Good for you for immersing yourself in high vibrations as best you could, and for listening within to go for that walk! We may not "like it", but we just have to let others move their feelings. Much love, Lola

Q: I have only done half the openings in the book and Portal 1, and am waiting a bit before continuing, because the effects were so overwhelming, I couldn't handle everything being so good so fast, although there were some down trends, but mostly up. Am I unique in that I am not used to being so clear headed or being so much in control of my life and realizing I have so many, many choices? It's taken some acclimation. The book is wonderful, it empowers, it sets me free.  You are amazingly accurate on so many points, and I thank you for the gift of grace.  Another Angela
A: Others also experience that change can take some acclimation, even when it's good change! Your small self does not want change and does NOT value happiness. It only wants to keep things the same. Your pace is the perfect pace for YOU. Love, Lola

Q: When I began Divine Openings, a lot of things went haywire. What is with that?
A: The contrast will be equal to your resistance to change. Those who take the Portals, practice Divine Openings, and really let go to change don't have those radical contrasts. They are escalated messages from your Large Self. It's all good, though. Contrast works! You scream: "I want change -- big change!" But then when it comes, you scream even more -- you want the change without anything changing. Something's gotta give, darlin'. For example, if you wouldn't quit the job that didn't make your heart sing, then when you do Divine Openings, you're making the commitment to accelerate your evolution, so Life might kick you out of that job. If you're holding grudges and judgments, then someone will mirror that to you, and it won't be pretty.

When you speed up the velocity of the energy flow in your life with Divine Openings, it's like putting your pedal to the metal. But then if you hold on very tight to your old resistances, and don't take your foot off the brake, there's going to be some smoke, and even fire, as your brakes burn up. Nothing is ever lost that isn't replaced with something better, unless you resist. Let it go, wave bye-bye, and look eagerly for the better thing that's coming. You asked for change. Say "thank you!" and roll with it. Better yet, get on the new wave and surf it! Enjoy!

Q: I got a reading from a psychic who said I would be moving out of Austin, and I just got here!
A: First off, a psychic is YOU telling YOU what you're having a hard time hearing from YOU. So focus on getting out of the way and releasing resistance to hearing it from you. Don't ever make big decisions by readings.

Too often, the very vibration that makes you go get a reading is just going to get reflected in the reading. If you are confused or fearful about something (which are the usual reasons to get a reading) the information you get will usually be tinged with confusion, or inspire more fear! It's a catch 22. You should only get a reading when you don't really need one! Of course, if you can use the information to say, "Wow, look what I'm creating if I stay on this vibration!" Use your own Instrument Panel and your own resources with it, and it can be helpful.

It may be that you have inner doubts about moving here, you've been sweeping them under the rug, and the reading put them in your face. Dive into those feelings until they rise up the scale and you get at least neutral about being here. Then you're free. Same could be said of a reading that said you didn't want to be on this planet. It doesn't mean you need to leave, it means you need to dive into those feelings. Then you end up being happy here, and don't have to move to Venus. Never take what you hear as literal or set in stone. Nothing is set in stone. Crystal was told she'd want another baby, and she later realized she does have the desire to let a friend of her child live in her home.

When you're ready to go within for most of your answers, support, and information, readings can go haywire for you, so you will stop. Other Divine Openings Givers have experienced this wacky-reading syndrome too.

IF you get a reading, it's a good idea to feel the truth of the information for yourself. Psychics are only 80% accurate at best, because it's filtered through a limited human perspective, and constricted by language. And don't take ANY bad news as truth. A high vibration psychic will only give you the upside, even if something you don't want is going to happen.

Dump anything that doesn't feel right to you. Better yet, practice getting almost all your answers from inside and from life's messages to you. People say things you need to hear every day.  Our Large Self is always giving us all the input we need in the form of feelings and messages. Whether we're open to it or not is another thing!

What psychics say to you may not be "true" - it may just be a stimulus to get some energy moving. Moving energy to raise your vibration upward is what you want anyway. You want to feel good. That's why you got the reading. So practice feeling good, and let your Large Self handle the future.
Love, Lola

Q: I was feeling the Divine Energy very strongly. Now I feel kinda numb. Why?

A: Hello, love. Two possibilities come to mind for anyone who feels less 'high' after a while.
1. We get used to the high energy and it begins to feel normal.... like it's no big deal. No matter how high you get, it will eventually feel like everyday stuff at some point.
2. More likely in YOUR case is that you have gone numb because don't want to feel what is arising next. There could be a resistance to letting go more, and feeling some deep things that your mind tells you "NO, NO, you can't feel THAT!!!" You can feel it, of course. It's only a paper tiger, honey. But many have let paper tigers stop them from reaching their full potential. See, the Divine Energy does it all for you, but your free will allows you to say, "Go for it..... or stop!!!" All is well, dear Divine being... ask for Divine help to feel..... you can keep expanding and surfing ...... and overall, it will get better and better, forever.

Q: "What are chakras?"
A: The understanding of chakras is not necessary for your enlightenment, so I'm not going to explain them here. With Divine Openings, you wake up without studying, analyzing, or collecting more facts and knowledge. The only chakra I mention in the book is the crown chakra. It is your portal to Divine Energy, and it is where Divine Openings "enter" your body and then flood the other chakras with awakening. (That is a gross oversimplification. Things are not nearly as linear, nor as bound by space/time as our mind wants to make them.) The main point is: you can have a very happy, enlightened, and fulfilled life without understanding chakras, meridians, sacred geometry, what makes the cosmos run, or any metaphysical knowledge. I often see people getting so caught up in collecting knowledge, that they stay in that mental game and never reach full enlightenment, which is about letting go to the mystery and living it by guidance -- not working at it, defining it, or explaining it. Trying to "learn" your way to liberation is a dead end. You can't do it. Drop the quest for human understanding, and dive deep into the mystery, which can only be felt and "known" from experience. Many are running from feeling and distracting themselves with mere knowledge. The mental machinations are a "spiritual bypass". The real power is in feeling and direct experience.

Q: Are all Divine Openings students enlightened, and are they beyond having human problems? Some are quite enlightened, and some are still  in the enlightenment process, even after completing the 5 Day Silent Retreat. There is variation in whether Divine Openings students let all that Grace in fully in their own lives, and how much they've let go of resistance. We all still have free will, and some people still hold onto resistance in some areas of their lives for awhile, so the degree that they still have human problems varies. 

Q: Hi, Lola, For the past 3 days (starting a day after my weekly Divine Opening) I have been "tearing up" at the most inappropriate times.  I was smiling and kind of embarrassed, but in a comical way. Then after the tears, I feel this "feeling" settle "around" me like relief (but different?) that lasts 3-5 min or so, accompanied by the "shaking"...like if you hold your hand out straight in front of you and it trembles...but only it's in my whole body.  The trembling has been going on for a while now (ever so slightly -  for about a month); the "tears" just started.  And I get a kind of warm, "giddy" feeling after the tears. 
Nothing about this is unpleasant.  I feel like something is happening, but I don't know what.  I'm definitely not sad and have been unusually calm and happy and worry-free for awhile now (since reading your book in January).
Am I "moving" stuff...?  It's getting kind of comical, now.  We're making jokes about it, like now I can't go out of the house because I don't know when the "tears switch" is going to flip to the "on" position, etc.  I have no control of it, it seems.  It goes as quickly as it comes on.  It's like witnessing someone else "tearing up"...not me.  And through all of this...I feel myself getting happier and happier. Is this part of "waking up"? Love and Appreciation, Kathy
A: Kathy, Oh, yes, yes, yes! You're not moving "stuff" as in clearing--don't get hung up in that endless paradigm! You are moving energy more freely. It is part of waking up, and it is so good. Witnessing yourself, and involuntary crying, laughing, screaming, movement, or shaking are classic hallmarks of enlightenment initiation. Congratulations. Although it feels very out of control, it's your Large Self taking control. The tearing up stage will pass.  Enjoy. Surf. Love it all. Love, Lola

Q: How do I prostrate?   
A: Here's how it looks. You can put a firm pillow under your forehead for comfort.




Or it can look like this:

Q: Dear Lola, I was guided to The Secret, then Abraham-Hicks, Seth, you, and now, Elias. Elias makes some negative predictions. Are they/you/we all 'one'? Molly
A: Dear Molly, this is such an excellent question. First off, I will say that more stuff (more channelers, more psychics, books, courses) is not better. You can get too mental about it, and become an information collector. Much of it conflicts, there is confusion, and you never get liberated. Personally, I don't read much (except humor books) and I don't seek at all anymore. I prefer direct, inner experience. There's nothing better. So my suggestion would be to stop looking so much out there. Get a direct relationship with The Divine. All the incessant questions will stop. You will live a rich life instead of seeking answers and thinking about living someday. (NOTE: your mind has no interest in your liberation from seeking, so it will keep you seeking.)

We do sometimes get help from others. But when you're always talking, reading tons of books, taking all manner of seminars, and asking questions, and working, working, working on yourself, you've set up a paradigm of seeking, but not finding. God is right here all the time. It's hard to find in the clutter, though!

Of course we're all one, but with many flavors and at many vibrations. Obviously Hitler was at a different vibration than Gandhi, although they/we were/are one.

The channel colors the message - always. Some channels are cleaner, and higher vibrational than others. Bringing pure Divine energy messages into Earth language involves translation. The channel, author, teacher translates energies into words. Therein lies the rub. Their own fears, prejudices, and beliefs color their translation. I know mine do. I'm clear about it and I'll tell you that right off.

One acid test: high vibrational channels are never doom and gloom... ever. God doesn't "do" doom and gloom. Just as judgment and damnation is a reflection of some ancient writer's vibration (not God's), so today's doomsday messages reflect a lower vibration. Pure God energy will feel good and be uplifting. It may be in your face, irreverent, or give you a kick in the arse, but the net effect will raise your vibration, and never scare you or make you feel bad.

If the predictions are negative, and if you vibrate with those messages, you help create those realities for YOU. For instance, if you dwell on predictions of cataclysmic earth changes, you'll be more likely to experience emotional storms in yourself and others around you.

No negative prediction is a fact. It can be changed, at least in YOUR world.

If it's confusing you, then you're eating too much and digesting too little. You're overfed and undernourished. Go deeper with one thing that works for you rather than snacking on all these  things.

I ask, "What are you running from that you can't sit still and feel the power of God, right here, right now?" Sometimes people will begin to FEEL with Divine Openings, then they run off to find some answers outside so they won't have to feel. Be willing to feel everything, and you will get all the answers. You are so loved, and it is all being offered to you so simply. Stop seeking. Sit, breathe, feel, feel, feel, feel....until your vibration moves up, up, up.... and you feel the pure truth within you.   Love, Lola

Q: Hi Lola, I am reading the book, I love it, but I am still grieving the loss of the most important adult in my life. He passed 3 yrs. ago this month. I miss him every day. Does grief, at whatever stage, get in the way of awakening? Thanks so much, Carol in NH
A: Dear Carol, Yes, grief slows down your enlightenment. It's a very low vibration. Not bad, LOW.
If you haven't come to the Diving In part of the book, go there. And the Dive In Audio set has specific help for this -- see Audios in the menu. Death of a loved one, when you let it all flow, actually can open your heart and accelerate your awakening. If you can't yet do it alone, have private sessions. I've worked with many in your situation just recently, and they have ZOOMED.... often in one week. Your life is waiting! Love, Lola

Q: Dear Lola, All of your supposed good efforts (newsletters) are ending in an attempt to sell me something.  I cannot afford to buy anything, I am literally financially destitute. R
A: Dear R, Feel the vibration you are generating. Be careful that you are not spiraling down into even more resistance to the very money you desperately need. This is a material world, dear one, and no effort, no matter how lofty, can go on without money.  You too must generate funds to live on, and soon, it sounds like!  Bless everyone who is productively generating money, and that vibration will let in the same for yourself. Give up this current judgment/resistance to money, and celebrate those who are doing good, and doing well. Keep me apprised of your success.  Much love, Lola
(He read the book, did the online courses, kept me updated, and is doing very, very well.)


Q: "I am experiencing so much energy flowing through me since Divine Openings that I feel like I'll pop. I don't know what to do with it."
A: You're out there on the leading edge of evolution, baby! Your neurology is literally evolving to let more energy flow through you. You're getting ready to become more the being you really are -- to let more of your non-physical Large Self live in and through you. Part of this is kundalini life force activating. Some resistance to the rapid expansion is "normal," and it will pass. Breathe soothingly and gently, feeling it fully, softly. Savor it and embrace it. "Prostrate and hand it all over to The Divine" is the best answer for most things. Don't do more Divine Openings until you are smoothly flowing the energy you've already opened to. Ask The Divine Presence for ease and grace. Do whatever feels good to you. Write, create, garden, play, exercise, do yoga, baths, walks, and channel that energy. Give it an outlet to move. Energy wants to move through you, or it can get bottled up. It wants you to live more fully. You will get used to it. Don't worry. Relax into it and know that it is good.  Soon you'll be asking for more!

Q: One who did the 5-Day Silent Initiation is experiencing this more intensely:
"Waves of dizzy spells were occurring way before I began Divine Openings, but have intensified and are coming more frequently since the book and Portal 1. Since the 5 day, they happen almost every hour.

For a few days I have had this little electrical sensation, about the size of the tip of a pen, on the right side of my crown.  It's a little tingly feeling.  It gets really strong when I go to your website. Last night in bed, all of a sudden I got this whooosh of energy around the crown of my head and it spead quickly through the rest of my body.  I just noticed it and kept reading... then it became so intense that I had to put the book down and lay back and just breathe... I was overcome with feelings of gratitude and love and felt like I was floating on a cloud.  When the wave was over, what felt like around two minutes or so, I resumed reading the magazine... about five minutes later, another wave came through.  I layed back and did the same thing.  I took it as a "sign" (speaking of signs) that what I'm doing is on track. There is no discomfort.  I just wanted to make sure that these sensations were normal.  Should I seek a medical attention for any of it? Did you, or do you, experience anything like these sensations?"     Love ya!  Tammy

A: Dear Tammy, Yes, those are all pretty common and they pass. While I can never tell you what to do, I can make some suggestions. When new, powerful energies are coming in, and when kundalini is rising, especially after the 5-Day, the body can be overwhelmed at times. The bliss is nice! Your assimilating this helps the collective let it in. I, and other people who are teaching at this level, are asking for even more energy than you are, and we have it even more intensely at times. Esther Hicks felt like her "toe was in a light socket" in the early days of channeling Abraham. Now it's no big deal because she's up to speed with that energy. I experience that too.... it amps up, buzzzz!.... then I get used to it. It amps up, buzzz.... again I get used to it. It becomes normal.

Now: your body DOES send you messages about things you need to release resistance on, and so there's the place to pay attention. The dizziness sounds like fear and confusion energy needing to flow more freely. Let it. Disease is just energy flow that has been resisted for too long. Especially since you were having dizziness before Divine Openings, use your best judgment as to whether to get a check up. These all  SOUND like new energies coming in... but ask for guidance within. Don't ignore areas where energy is not flowing. That does lead to physical problems. Trade soothings with the other Divine Openings Givers. Are you singing, dear songbird? I'd suggest yoga, stretching, walking, singing, long baths, prostrating, giving it to God. Talk to The Divine about it, like, "Hey! Give me some guidance here!" hee hee.... Feel the answers.  And the new chakra balancing audios will be out soon.    Love, Lola

Q: Lola, I heard my name called after the first Divine Opening from Portal 1. Then the next time the TV turned on all by itself.  Both of these experiences made me afraid that I am calling spirits that I do not want. Please advise.
A: Relax. There are no evil spirits. There are only reflections of your current vibration. I've helped people "disappear" their so-called demons by getting this. Your interpretation of events will always match your vibration. I was blessed to realize early in life that any evil or menacing presence or apparition was my darkness, my fear. I'd face up to it and say, "This is an aspect of myself," and it has gone and never re-appeared. I never use "protection," and I never needed it. There is nothing to protect from except your own creations. Did your religion or some book make you afraid? Just think about it. If your current vibration on the subject of "Spirit, or spirits" was higher you'd be saying, "Wow ...miracles! Yes, I'm here! Talk to me!" So soothe your small self. Its habit is fear .... even fear of the light. In the Bible people would fall down in fear and hide their eyes when angels or a burning bush appeared. (It's OK -- no judgment, humanity is evolving.) Don't give fear ANY power. The Divine is sending you messages, but the fearful small self interprets them through a filter of fear. Don't buy it. It is not real. Get angry at it if you need to, to take your power back. (That blasts you up the Altimeter.) Then give it to The Divine and it will rise. By all means, if you ever need help with this old, old pattern, get sessions or take a course.

Q: I read your book, and I did not have any Divine Openings that I am aware of. To say I'm disappointed is an understatement, I will reread the book and hope to touch a piece of the Divine at some other time. If you could add any comforting thoughts it would help. I can't believe the Divine would overlook me, but somehow that IS how I feel. Jackie
A: Hi sweetie, You had the Openings. Don't "take score". It is bringing you down, not up. Complaining will hold you back big time. Stop complaining about ANYTHING. Give thanks for any tiny thing that is going right for you. People will tell me they're not getting it, yet when I get them to look at what is RIGHT, it turns out wonderful results are happening, but their minds were ignoring, repressing, and negating that, and focusing on on what is NOT happening!!! It is your Free Will to listen to your small self or your Large Self until you're scott free, honey.
I'll just give you two points:
1. Divine Openings often works way down deep for a while to burn through your layers of beliefs and conditioning. 2. My best friend took the longest of anyone I know to feel it! I've had some people wake up overnight, yet my friend took over a year to "get the bliss" in a live course. The more you negate it, the slower it goes. You gotta focus on what you want, and what is good. Do read the book again. You'll be able to hear more of it. The answers to all your questions are given in the book many times, but you were not yet at a vibration to let it in. It's OK. All is well.

Q: I am experiencing anger and agitation instead of bliss. What am I doing wrong?
A: First, never make any feeling wrong, and never ever ever make yourself wrong. Feel the instant relief in that? It is perfect. The anger is moving. That's good. It is allowing that old energy of the past to flow on up the altimeter. The anger is probably not even about anything that is happening now. Don't project it outward on anyone if you can help it. Just take it within to The Divine, and be with it, without the story. Do the Diving In process, in the book and on audios. And give thanks for your valuable feelings every minute.

Q: I am fed up with a work situation. (Details deleted, plug your story in here.) They are so wrong, and I’m about to go have it out with them.
A: Stop. Get out of the story now! The story just revs you up, magnifies the problem, makes you more the victim, and keeps you stuck in that story. You, being the powerful creator that you are, create a situation where you’re the victim, then you make up a juicy story that makes them the villains, and then you act as if this reality is their creation. Hello. It’s yours. If the story is disempowering to you, stop telling it now. Before acting out another scene in this screenplay you’ve written yourself into, stop and rewrite the scene. Get your power back. Fully feel what you’re feeling, without the story.

Just you. Just your feelings. No other characters on the stage. You think it’s all about them and that working out all the details is important. They, the story, and the gooey details of it, are not even significant. When you're at a more advanced level, I'll tell you, that "reality" is not even real!

It’s about your vibrations, that are creating your reality. Flow your feelings, experience them fully. Raise your vibration, and the whole play will look different. You can rewrite it any way you want.

Get going on this path with Portal 1! It helps you master your emotions and get your freedom and power back, before you act. Then when you take action, you’re clear, inner-guided, and effective. Then you can hear Divine guidance, and let it do the heavy lifting.

Dear Lola, I want to receive shaktipat initiation, and before I do a course with you I want to make sure that you do this, and that I don't need to keep taking courses forever. Cindy

Dear Cindy, I like to keep it simple and lead you to be directed from within as soon as you're ready and able. I like to keep my mind out of the process as much as possible, so I haven't studied Hindu traditions or terms, and I don't use them. Shaktipat is similar to the Grace part of Divine Openings, but there is much, much more to Divine Openings than shaktipat, and Divine Openings energies continue to evolve and expand you rather than fading when you leave the teacher's presence. Divine Openings also gives you the conscious mind training that helps you to sustain the bliss and enlightenment. There is no silver bullet one hit solution to life. It's a process of growth and ever-unfolding delights.

"I remember with gratitude those teachers who by their mere intention,
glance, word or touch can accomplish what is otherwise
obtained only with great effort and difficulty."
Kurt Keutzer

Q: What is your lineage? John
A: I'm not into lineage - it is meaningless to me. I do just know I have lifetimes of being a pioneer, spiritual and otherwise, and a healer. I haven't studied paths, traditions, or lineages, nor have I explored past lives deliberately. My lineage and my power is right here right now, and is accessed from inside, not from a lineage. It can be the same for you. Someone very advanced who attended the 5 Day Retreat said he saw and felt 7 ancient lineages in my work. I don't care about "ancient" or "lineages" so I didn't ask him more about what he saw. That frees me to let go to The Presence, here and now.

I always know what I need to know, when I need it. My Thai Goddess painting emerged spontaneously from me, and the 3 goddesses sculpture, I found in a store and had to have them! I give them no power, and don't "need" them. They just feel good to me, like sisters. I also honor my Christian lineage, but again, I live and teach in the here and now, and have an intimate, in-the-moment relationship with God, rather than depending on ancient knowledge or scriptures (which have been edited such that little of the original essence or power remains.) We have up-to-the-minute information available to us every second from Divine Intelligence.

Who you are right now is even more expanded than your entire lineage ever was.

 A: Hi Lola, I absolutely love your work! I came across your website back in November of 2007, and have since bought the book, completed the five Portals! Now, there have been lots and lots of great successes and progress, along with quite a few hairballs!  I rave, do my best each day to to be present and enjoy the process and go with the flow. Here's my question --  I feel lots of anxiety and resistance to fully letting go and letting the Divine do the heavy lifting.  And there is a powerful compulsion to do, do, do and DO!  Well, I've done all that in the past without much fun, enjoyment or results and want to enjoy letting go and letting the Divine do the heavy lifting.  Yet, the resistance seems so thick, so deep that I'm not sure when it'll lift and what to do with that do, do, do compulsion.  Any advice is greatly appreciated!  Much love,  Jill

Q: Jill, Well, first of all, don't resist your resistance. There's nothing wrong with doing, so don't make it wrong. I do a lot .... but The Divine matches and multiplies it ten times over. Like those 401K matching plans, but 10x better! (grin) Doing is great. We came here to do and be in the material world. The key is knowing what's not yours to do....

We tend to keep doing whatever we've been doing..... and that is the very core of "habit".
So if we've been, say, giving, we tend to keep giving, sometimes past the point where it's balanced.
If we've been taking, we tend to keep taking till someone says "no more."
If we've been eating chocolate, we tend to eat MORE chocolate. If we've been worrying, we tend to worry MORE. When I'm working on the computer, I tend to OVER-do it. I don't want to stop sometimes (as you can see from my 5 a.m. newsletters -- more grins)

It's Law of Attraction, but I like to keep it really simple and down to earth. It's habit.

So your job is to be conscious instead of letting habit run you. Do while it feels energizing and while it's flowing. When you feel the returns diminishing, or it's not flowing, stop and rest.  Do nothing. Or at first, switch to doing something more relaxing. Get yourself to take short refreshing breaks. When you love what you're doing, and it feels good, then keep doing it! We came here to do things. It's a physical world, and dinking around in it feels good..... for no apparent reason sometimes. Go easy on yourself. Smile, and decide today that nothing is wrong with you. Laugh gently at yourself that you don't trust the power that runs the Universe to do a few things for you. Be with your distrust, gently. Don't try to fix it.  Breathe! Love, Lola

 Linda's very long question was so insightful, that I had only a little to add.

Q: Lola, So you are saying that for a person who doesn't believe in karma, it doesn't exist? Buddha was not at all doctrinaire, but he did say that karma is absolutely real. He also said not to believe anything just because he said it, but to investigate it for oneself.

I can see that if one becomes more conscious, that one would become more free of any karma, because there would be no need to experience feedback from the universe in terms of certain experiences if one had already understood the effects of one's actions and/or the potential effects of any similar actions, i.e. if one had transcended that level. Or that the karma might be greatly diminished in magnitude. You wouldn't be carrying the vibration to attract such experiences. I guess this is what is meant when teachers say that karma can be "purified" through spiritual realization.

Lola: The Universe is NOT judgmental or at all interested in having anyone pay for or be "purified" from anything! All that is totally man-made. Our minds have difficulty letting go of judgment, and so man has made up infinite ways to make it seem like it was God's idea.

By the same token, it seems that a person who is simply unconscious about the effects of their thoughts and actions would probably attract experiences of a similar vibration to that which they are emitting, and that this is what is called 'karma' in eastern traditions. So that perhaps it's not actually a reaction to past actions, but a reaction to the traces (samskaras) or vibrations within one's psyche that remain from those previous actions. If those traces have been wiped out or overwritten, one won't resonate with similar energies and therefore wont attract the experiences.

Lola: Are you living, feeling joy.... or trying to think your way  there, to get there by your own work, efforts and mind-power? It never gets you there.
My inner sense tells me that since it is not the universe or God that is punishing us, that if I have committed some harmful thought or deed, it induces a feeling on some level of self-loathing or general negativity towards ourselves, since subliminally we do know the hurtful of harmful effects of our actions, and this self-loathing and lack of self-acceptance is actually the magnet that attracts the painful experiences, because we have determined on some level that we deserve it, or "need" it in order to reform ourselves. This is good.

So that no matter how heinous our crimes, even if we are Adolph Hitler, if we can somehow come to a state of genuine self-forgiveness and Self love, and a realization that our true Self is actually untainted by any of our actions, and identify with that, then we will not have the self-loathing vibrations that attract the "karmic retribution".   This is very good.

Linda: If this is true, I wonder why eastern religions don't make this clear. Perhaps (religions) believe that people won't do the "right" thing unless they're frightened into it. And maybe that was sort of appropriate in a way when most people had not much hope of unhooking from the Ancient Mind. If you told people they could be free of any reactions to their actions, most would probably have misinterpreted that as a license to give free reign to their most selfish impulses. Perhaps advanced practitioners were sometimes told the truth.

Lola: Sounds pretty good so far, Linda. Continue to ask within and get these insights! And notice that the mind could keep you so tied up with questions about life that you have no time to live. Figuring everything out never made anyone happy, I promise you. Feel, live, celebrate the Divine Presence, and you will be so happy you will forget about questions and theory. Life isn't a theory, or a problem to be solved (unless you make it one, then it is..... endlessly).

Life is an experience.

Linda: I'm vegan, but this leaves me wondering about the karma of something like eating meat, where, especially under modern factory farming conditions, animals are subjected to (bad conditions ....edited for vibrational purposes!) Animal rights orgs I belong to send me photos of the abuse. Animal suffering, and the sheer magnitude of it, is something that has really bothered me over the past few years.

Lola: There are all variety of experiences happening in the world. The Divine Presence is every one of those beings -- they are not alone in it. We cannot understand all of it from our limited selves. Each being is having its own experience.... and it's fleeting, not eternal.

Think of your mind as a magnifying glass. What you focus it upon magnifies. One could have a very low vibration life tending to the business of every other being on the planet. Have your great life, and mind your business, not God's. Until you are unsinkable and could actually do some good, you are only bringing your own vibration down FOCUSING ON SUFFERING. Prostrate and lay all this down at the feet of The Divine. Give it up.

Considering that you are disabled and homebound, is looking at pictures of disability, suffering, and decline helping you? I'd be reading about people who recovered from your disability and looking at pictures of healthy, happy, vital animals and people!

Linda: It just occurred to me that you might say I should air these questions and thoughts to God. Maybe that thought was God speaking to me saying, "Hey, I'm here!!!    

Lola: Linda, Yay! Yes, talk to God about everything! And note that what you hear will be only as high as your vibration is on that topic. YOU will color and filter the voice of God to match YOUR vibration on that topic. Notice how much higher your vibration on the topic of karma is now -- and by contrast, where on the Altimeter it is regarding animals. Higher vibrations are easy to identify. They feel better.

I appreciate your compassionate heart, Linda. Just remember, love feels good. Suffering is far from love on the altimeter. Feel it for yourself! Love is up where The Divine lives. How could you see it how The Divine sees it, and be a part of raising vibration on the planet? If you can't add to the higher vibrations about it, give it to God. It's God's business. Act only in a high vibration if you choose to act. It's an evolution, and it has gotten better.


Q: Dear Lola, I have been experiencing insomnia since my first contact with you via the introductory call and since reading your e-book. I continue to be wide awake, night after night, getting very little sleep, despite feeling tired. Do you think this is related to the Divine Opening energy, and is there anything you would advise? Is it a case of my nervous system needing to adjust to a new level of energy? Best wishes, Linda

A: Dear Linda, You are wired, and being rewired. Lie there and luxuriate. Daydream, snuggle in, count your blessings, and breathe for pleasure - breathe consciously, savoring it. This can lead to bliss, which is better than sleep! Tell The Divine, "I'm giving this all over to you. It's your job to handle issues, not mine." Don't resist being awake -- what causes the tiredness is the resistance to not sleeping, and the story about "tired." Don't make it wrong or worry about it or tell yourself scary stories about it. Enjoy it. You'll either go to sleep or enjoy not sleeping and get up refreshed. Talk with God. Listen and feel the energy. Or get up and do something creative. Maybe it's a signal to use more of your your time creatively. You can still be rested in the morning. I've done it many times, especially nights before a course.... and am alive and glowing. Love, Lola

Q: “You say we create our reality by what we vibrate. How can a starving child in Africa be creating his own reality?”

A: There are many things to say about this, so I'll just go through them one by one. This is an advanced perspective, and not everyone will be able to hear the answer, but here goes:

Know that God experiences everything that you and that child experience, so no one, from the tiniest lizard to the mightiest human, is ever really separate from God, or alone. That child is a part of God, a unique focus of God in a physical body.

Souls know the circumstances they will face when they come here, and they know that they may not succeed in the human sense, but they do it anyway. Some take on hardship, and out of that hardship comes evolution in some way. It may not show up in this lifetime, but it will show up eventually. The Divine sees only that positive outcome. The Divine doesn’t see someone as sick or a victim.

Why do some people climb Everest knowing they could freeze to death doing it? Why do some people race cars at 250 miles per hour knowing they could perish in flames? Adventurous souls come here! I will not say for "lessons," I will say for experience, variety, and contrast that will drive evolution.

Why do people go to horror movies and read suspense novels full of violence? Because they know the story will end. They know it’s not real. And this life is not real in the sense that we think it is. From Divine perspective it is rather like a novel or a movie, a creation to experience. We make it real so we can immerse ourselves fully in the experience.

When a soul incarnates, he/she is pure and innocent, with a very high vibration. But he soon begins to match the vibrations of those around him. He loses his own essence. In a poor town, with struggling parents, or even in prosperous America, this can happen easily. That vibration creates reality, and every reality attracts more of itself.

The universe is not personal. Even God, in the absolute and largest sense, is not personal. Through Divine Openings you will come to know an aspect of God that IS personal, though, and it cares about YOU and your wellbeing.

The laws of physics apply to everyone. They are totally impersonal. Gravity applies to everyone who jumps off a building whether they are a saint or a murderer. Law of Attraction is a law of physics, just like gravity. Now, Divine Openings can and does supercede Law of Attraction. Grace performs miracles that defy physics.

The universe doesn’t judge good or bad, it includes and allows everything. The universe just matches your vibration. Only man judges it good or bad when it happens. When a rabbit is eaten by a wolf, there is no judgment of it as wrong, even by the rabbit.

Every life has a value and has its own joy, beyond what we can understand from our small self perspective. The Divine loves all experience. 

Each lives their own life on this planet, for reasons we cannot fathom.
You cannot live it for them. If you try to, you will only ruin your own experience.

Know that every child is safe in the larger sense, just as every sparrow that is eaten by a hawk is safe in the care of The Divine. Each and every being is an eternal being who will never die. They will go on to other lives and adventures.

Now, do we still want to make a difference for others? Yes.
Do we still want to have compassion? Yes.
Can we do it from a low vibration? Not easily.
Can we do it by focusing on what is "wrong" in the whole world? No. That would swamp even Mother Teresa.

(I used to wonder how Mother Teresa did it. After I wrote this item, Mother Teresa died, and her diaries were published. Indeed Mother Teresa was not able to keep her vibration up as everyone thought she did, bless her. Her vibration nosedived and she spent forty years feeling separated from God. It is hard for even a saint to immerse themselves in the low vibrations of others and keep their own vibration up.)

You're on a hard road if you try to deal with every problem on the planet before you get yourself free. Get yourself unsinkable first. Put your own oxygen mask on before you assist other passengers, as they say on the airplanes.

Soothe yourself. Keep your vibration up. See the solution. You make more of a difference in the world by having a high vibration than you can possibly fathom. You help people across the world who will never know you helped.

First BE the outcome you want. Being is powerful. When you are at a very high vibration, you are your Large Self, your God Self, and you will know from within what to "do," or whether what you need to do is just add your high vibration to the collective and contribute by being that.

Doing is highly overrated, so physically do only what you are called from within to do. If you do it out of guilt you are cancelling your contribution with powerful, low guilt vibrations.

Align your energy with God's first, seeing and being only the outcome you want.


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There's no need to go digging for issues. What we've not embraced in ourselves comes to find us in the guise of people and events - and all there is to do is to welcome it and say, Hello, rejected facet of me; come, sit with me."
Lola Jones