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Things Are Going Great In My Absence

 quantum leap out of suffering and struggle

This is not an ordinary book.

Unlike any spiritual or personal development book you've ever read, this energy in this book actually works on you. It opens you up, and expands your capacity to allow and accept Divine Grace. It is truly, profoundly life-altering. You'll feel better and life will begin to flow with more ease as you allow more Grace in. You'll learn what to expect in the process, and how to make the most of it.

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Lola spent 21 days in silent communion in The Presence in 2006, not speaking to any human being. She received the power to initiate enlightenment and heals the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. You get the first ten of those enlightenment initiations through this book, while reading, contemplating her Divinely inspired art in it, and feeling the Divine Presence in the words. Even beginners are having quantum awakenings without years of work. Life issues resolve without hard work, life gets easier, stress fades away.

Beyond spiritual healing and processing, Divine Openings restores you to that most organized field of resonance that helps you get back in the Flow Of Life, and helps you let in more of the Grace that's been raining on you all along. When you're not able to let in that Grace, you can feel like you're dying of thirst in a rainstorm.

Now you can make a quantum leap out of suffering and struggle—into a bright, happy, fulfilling, new life. You’ll feel powerful energy as you effortlessly absorb the vibration of this book and experience it in your life. This books is step one on a joyful journey that just gets better every year you're on this path.

You've been asking.
Now it's COME TO YOU. 
Let it in!

Everyone says they wish they'd known about Divine Openings sooner. No one says "I wish I had waited to read this book!" It's an astonishing, mind-blowing, life-changing spiritual awakening and personal growth experience, due to the vortex of Energy, Light, and Divine Intelligence it literally lifts you into.

This is one book you need to own in paperback so you can see it in front of you. Even the energy of the have the book near you raises your vibration.

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This is not just a spiritual book you "read" and go on to the next book.

You only need to say yes, experience it, and it begins to change your life. 

It gives extensive how-to's and step-by-step processes that will ease your hurts and challenges and give you power and confidence. The Divine Openings (enlightenment initiations) this book gives you literally open you up. 

Then you'll want more and deeper growth, and the 5 Portals online keep you growing for a lifetime with powerful media and live webinars with Lola. Or you can attend live retreats for a deeper dive.

Sample Book Excerpts

Here are a few sample chapters, chosen randomly:

The End Of Seeking At Last!

Yet another veil was lifted, and behind it at first was emptiness. So much of my life had been spent seeking - seeking God, seeking answers, seeking my dreams, that when that seeking was over, as happens to many people, I scarcely knew what to do. My friend Bob once said about a friend of ours, “If she wasn’t a seeker, a recovering something-or-other, and a ‘survivor’ of something, she wouldn’t know who she was.” It had almost come to that for me too. I identified so much with the search that the end of it was inconceivable. As my small self slowly surrendered over the ensuing months, I realized that seeking is a way for the small self to hold on, to stay in control.

Once the search is over, and the Large Self drives the bus, the small self takes a back seat and lets go. There is not much left for it to do, nothing more for it to pretend it’s trying to solve. If the small self can hold onto its incessant search, keeping you working hard to find the elusive answers to the endless questions, it can stay in the drivers’ seat. It can continue the charade of seeking relief, while it insidiously creates more problems to struggle against.

There is an old story about a seeker who comes unexpectedly to a door in the woods that says, “God lives here. Welcome, come on in.” Elated, the seeker walked up to the door and raised his hand to knock, then thought twice, turned around, and walked on down the path.

He could not imagine what life would be without seeking.

By age 52, I was deliberately set on reaching the end of seeking. I was ready for life to be about creating, expanding, playing, enjoying, and loving. Obviously you are too, because your mind and heart are open, and you are here.

Before my awakening, the last remnants of drama were focused primarily around money, and my power and freedom, and when that drama left me, drama was all but gone. Once I returned home, for the first time in years, I began to wake in the mornings with my mind at peace.

It felt empty at first. I was accustomed to waking to thoughts about what needed to be solved, accomplished, conquered, or fixed in my life. But there was no sense of rush to fill this empty space. I let it evolve naturally, and spent a few days in the emptiness, lying on the sofa, barely interested in eating or doing anything except feeling and breathing, which suddenly seemed like brand new discoveries.

And then one day my body started wanting to move about and my mind began to generate some newly productive thoughts. Each day I did what I was guided to do, doing my best at any given moment to get out of the way. Things started to happen, even where there had been stagnation before.

When talking about what I wanted, I had been for some time using the metaphor of how birds fly in a flock at high speeds, swooping and turning and whirling, yet wonder of wonders, they never bump into each other or crash. When scuba diving I’ve watched fish in giant schools as big as a house swimming millimeters from each other, but never bumping into each other, turning in unison, separate, but all moving as one.

Life began to flow in that easy way much more often. Now I not only know that there is a synergetic field that connects all life -- I experience it daily. Beings that flow with it are guided by an invisible force that coordinates everything seamlessly, effortlessly.

With steadily increasing ease the inspired thoughts, the solutions, the people, and the circumstances would line up for me to produce the result needed for everyone involved. My only job was to let go and relax, feel good, and let the Universe match me up with what I needed.

There was awareness that I still had a distance to go in my journey to enlightenment, yet I felt complete ease in putting one foot in front of the other without striving or stressing about when it would come. I didn’t “know” more or have any more answers than before; I couldn’t see farther ahead than about two stepping stones in front of me. Nevertheless I walked with a buoyant feeling that everything was not only all right but perfectly in order.

Later I would develop more "knowing" but I felt no rush. I relaxed into the arms of God, finally.

It was no longer a hope or a seeking for it -- it was an experience.

I no longer needed faith -- I had evidence.

During a pre-menopausal crash and long dark slump a few years before, I had wondered if I would ever recover my enthusiasm and confidence. Going deep into the silence to do art for those two years helped, but there was not much income to speak of, and despite the help of generous patrons, debt mounted.

But after the awakening, I was soon renewed - on fire with inspiration. I could hardly wait to get into action each day, and things moved very quickly.

Within seven weeks, starting from scratch (no clients, no income), I had a busy life, full of networking, events, parties, speaking engagements, private clients, projects, and an increasingly abundant income. I soon became debt free and money became a non-issue.

I gave Divine Openings every chance I got, and in three months I had given them to about three hundred people. I was more active and inspired than I had been in years, and sometimes worked tirelessly twelve hours a day. It was guided action, inspired action. It felt good.

One year later I was very prosperous and well established. Zero to sixty in no time. This is not to say I'm special. It can happen for you and does happen for many others. 

Now you can live and evolve instead of seeking.

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The Call Of The Divine May Sound Like Success, Sex, or Money

Most people aren’t consciously seeking enlightenment. I notice when I talk about it in a social setting, very few people spark to the offer of enlightenment, and many are even put off by it.

They are seeking money, a better relationship, freedom from suffering, or better health. And it's just a practical fact that you can't fully relax into your spiritual life until your mundane needs are handled! So don't feel bad about it!

Those drives for material world wants are ultimately fueled by the natural inner drive to feel better, which is the call of Spirit. The Spirit wants you to feel good and to thrive. Although not everyone calls it enlightenment, at the core, they do want enlightenment, which is the ultimate in feeling better. Whatever they call it, and however they arrive at enlightenment’s door, is OK with me.

Relationship, health, inner peace, reduced stress, and more money or success are what most people come to me wanting; it’s the “big five” that top the list of what most people want and don’t have. It’s the call of God that they can most easily hear.

Fortunately Divine Openings fulfills wordly desires, which often frees people up to really go for spiritual fulfillment.

Just today a woman came in for her second class, and I could see how much she had already opened up. She said her mind had become mostly quiet, and worry and anxiety had faded away... in just one week.

Her second Divine Opening was even more profound. In the coaching part of the class, she said she wanted a rich man who would take care of her. “OK, you can have that man,” I declared with an authority that comes from The Divine within, “Put it on your list of things you want, let go, and in the meantime I have some things for you to consider.”

“First, it’s all too easy to start thinking that some person, especially some powerful or rich person, is our Source, when they are actually just one conduit through which Spirit sends blessings to us. But what if we get into scarcity, thinking they are the only place we can get that love or money or care or whatever, and we give our power away to them? Source can bring us those blessings through any number of people, if we allow it.”

“Second, the universe brings us more of what we are already feeling. So if you are now feeling a lack of this abundance and that’s why you want this man to take care of you, Law of Attraction can only bring you more lack. If you were to start feeling rich right now, Law of Attraction (like attracts like) can bring you a rich man, he will be a match to your vibration, you won’t be needy, and so he can stay with you. In America we already are rich as any sultan was 200 years ago, if we just stop and notice that.”

“Third, your relationship with The Divine will be reflected outwardly in your romantic relationship. Just for this week, have a love affair with God first. Go directly to Pure Source for the love you want, the conversation, the companionship - and then over time, watch who shows up on the outside. Walk and talk with Source who adores you, loves you exactly as you are, and takes care of you.... and can you just imagine who would show up to match that in the physical?”

I put my hands on her head for a couple of minutes for the Divine Opening at the end of the session, and went to my office to write while everyone rested. After the rest, tears filled her eyes, and she had difficulty talking without breaking up. She said, “I felt enveloped, hugged, nurtured by The Divine, and then I could feel His Presence (Hers, Its?) sitting next to me, as if waiting to listen, talk to me, whatever I needed. It has filled my empty heart.” In that moment, she had moved from lack to fullness.

“Give yourself gratitude for being open to let this gift in,” I smiled. “You have opened the door to many blessings.” That relationship continued to deepen.

In the following week, she had some intense neck pain (probably some kind of tension or struggle, letting go), and her chiropractor’s efforts to adjust it didn’t help. During sleep that night she saw and felt a physical hand press on her neck, and in the morning the pain was gone. I cannot imagine a better example of how our worldly desires are always ultimately calling us back to our relationship with The Divine.

So use this work to go for your desires. In the process you will discover fulfillment that far exceeds anything you now wish for.

If you've failed or been disappointed by claims before, you may have become cynical. Well, that wasn't this. Open your heart and mind, and say yes. This works.

The Divine adores granting your desires.

The Present Moment Takes Hold

The past became uninteresting (and hard to even remember), and it became easy to "savor the waiting" for the future, as the present became rich and fully captivating. I might laugh so hard my stomach cramped, and then the next day not be able to remember what we'd laughed about, and it didn’t seem to matter. We knew that equally funny if not funnier things would occur tomorrow. And they did. There was no hanging on to anything. Losses were forgotten just as quickly. Yes, a few people may accuse you of not caring about anything or anyone. They won’t understand, until they are where you are, that suffering over losses, setbacks, or insults is simply a symptom of disconnection from our GodSelf. There is truly no such thing as loss from Spirit’s standpoint, but even if you have some temporary sense of loss, you can at least know that Spirit will find a way to fill in the gap if you allow it.

The Divine is always offering blessings in every moment, and as soon as we let go of the grip on the past, we have an open hand to extend to accept that new gift. Singer/songwriter, turned author, turned 2006 Texas gubernatorial candidate Kinky Friedman says it the down home Texas way:

When the horse dies, get off.

It works for EVERYONE who sticks with it.
Your Unlimited Self waits patiently for you to come home
from your wanderings, to claim the life that was planned for you.



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