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A Prosperity Practice that Feels Good.

grow moneyMoney is a marvelous tool.

We all use money to get things done. We offer it in exchange for value. It's handier than bartering. 

Money a way to express appreciation. Expressing appreciation to people or organizations for value they contributed to us increases our allowing and abundance. When you support them, they are able to stay in business to support you!

It costs $10,000 a month just to pay the people, technology, vendors, contractors, and services to keep this website going.
YOUR registrations, enrollments, and generous gifts have allowed us to be there for you 24/7 since 2006. 

Thanks to you, we've been able to give you more and more each year, even during the pandemic.  

appreciate with energy, words, and money.

Every time I pay a bill I feel lavish appreciation for what I've received. I write thank you notes on checks. Celebrate the circulation, flow, and exchange of money.

Celebrate people who make lots of money. They could not serve us well if they went out of business or had to cut corners because they were poor. Being happy for people who do well with money puts you in the vibration to allow money into your life. When you make money wrong, you don't attract money well - your energy repels it from you.

This abundant money vibration has resulted in my being debt free, without even a mortgage on a very nice home.

Here's how to practice this:

  • "I appreciate the electricity. I'm so glad I can pay this!"
  • "Credit card companies just give me money, simply on my word that I'll pay it back!"
  • "I appreciate that someone gave me money for my signature!" (Rather than thinking of debt as negative.)
  • "We appreciate the car that gets us everywhere fast, safe, warm, and dry, and the gas that makes it go."
  • "I appreciate the credit card making purchases easy without carrying cash."
  • "I appreciate your book."
  • "I appreciate the mechanic who changed my oil."
  • "Think of the services my taxes paid for...." 
  • "The mortgage company let me have a huge amount of money for a house we couldn't  pay cash for at that time."
  • "I appreciate what Divine Openings has done in my life."

As you "appreciate with money, witness how good it Feels to be able to pay or give.

 Express appreciation to those who have helped you spiritually.

  • Giving or tithing money is a time-honored prosperity practice because you're celebrating that you have enough to share.
  • Some people tithe 10% (or whatever percentage) to the places that have given them their most profound spiritual inspiration or support.
  • Some set up a monthly tithe through their own automatic bill pay system.
  • Some support their teacher by signing up for events.
  • Others appreciate or tithe as they are moved to.

If you wish to improve your money vibration take the Money Course.

how to give extra appreciation and support to divine Openings:

  1. Express appreciation using your debit or credit card. 
  2. Click Send Money, and choose As Guest if you don't have or want a Paypal account.
  3. Send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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