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    About the Creator of Divine Openings

    Spiritual Teacher Lola Jones

    Lola Jones spent 21 days in complete silence and solitude in 2006, speaking to no one but The Presence. She emerged with a powerful gift to transform lives with pure Grace. No more seeking, working on yourself, or striving. Her work Divine Openings spread to 150 countries as people shared what happened for them.

Lola Jones Guides You to Spiritual Empowerment.

Lola Jones is among the most powerful teachers of today, male or female. In Lola’s powerful energy field, you can experience remarkable whole life transformation, or even physical healing, bringing a deep sense of fulfillment, wellbeing, and profound spiritual connection. Her original work Divine Openings is more than a spiritual path - it's a joyful way to live your life.

Lola can quickly entrain you to a higher vibration, directly putting you in flow, or "in alignment with All That Is.” Being in her presence (even online) drenches you in Divine Grace as with the teachers of old. Her energy has a long-lasting impact on your energy field, mind, emotions, and physical body. In a clear, practical, down-to-earth, and sometimes playful style, she guides you to keep expanding eternally.

As she shows you how to stop striving so hard and allow Grace to do 90% of the work, you shift into rapid evolution. You just do your 10%. Then there’s no more hard work, therapy, analysis, or struggle - no austerities, suffering, or complicated rituals. 

You become “happy now and open for more."

Lola has a powerful gift to help people manifest tangible, practical results in their daily lives, and they're not always even sure how it happened! It just feels like a miraculous new reality begins when you enter Lola's world. She welcomes anyone who’s willing to learn. 

Lola helps you hold a higher vibration until you can sustain it yourself, but you never become dependent on her for your bliss and continued life success. She's committed to you finding and owning your inner power. Until you do, the most powerful aspect of you is still asleep. Lola says you don't need "healing" unless you're sick. 

you just need to fully wake up.

The powerful vortex of Grace Lola Jones creates is a field of resonance in scientific terms. It changes lives, heals, and liberates people, whether live in person, online, or from experiencing her groundbreaking books.

most powerful spiritual teacher

Lola Jones is a teacher of teachers, a leader of leaders, and a healer of healers.

Lola Jones is a teacher of teachers, a leader of leaders, and a healer of healers.

You quickly notice Lola lives a juicy life in this physical world rather than being detached from it or above it. She's not dour and over-serious--she radiates lightness, ease, laughter, abundance, spiritual bliss, inner connection, and peace.

Lola created Divine Openings so you too can experience your best life. And it works.

A great teacher holds the vibration for you until you find and claim your own inner power, and can consistently hold it yourself.

Step into a Powerful Vortex of transformation

Being in Lola's presence creates a vortex so strong it "ignites" the light bodies of others. Words fail to express what actually happens - it's beyond human comprehension. In Eastern traditions, they call direct infusions of Grace "darshan." Jesus awakened and healed by touch, gaze, or intention, and said that we would do all that and more. Lola invokes Grace like that. 

Saints, Christian mystics, and teachers throughout history gave direct infusions of Divine Grace or healed through Grace, and there were few in any tradition who could give it this easily, quickly, and permanently. Things are amping up! The moment Lola places her attention and intention on a person they can feel the vibration. They receive a powerful Divine Opening, and physical healing can occur.

You always remember with gratitude those teachers
who by their mere intention, glance, word, or touch can
in an instant, give what can't be earned
even in many lifetimes of hard work.

It's powerful to be in Lola's energy in person at the 5 Day Silent Spiritual Retreats or live webinar series', but she has brought enlightenment, happiness, and freedom to thousands around the world who never meet her. They are opened to Grace and Ease as they read her books, listened to her audios, and watched her videos in the online Portal courses.

A spiritual retreat with Lola is like stepping into a powerful vortex of transformation. And it not only lasts -  your results keep expanding long after it's over.

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"You visited me in a dream. Thought that was pretty cool as I'd never had a "Lola dream" before. Man!!!! Soooo many things have been becoming clear to me in that short time. I totally GET that I have been the one creating the speed bumps, the "rocky road", or whatever you call it. That whole victim vibration made it so. It's so obvious now it's hard to believe I didn't see it sooner. And I get how I created the illness too. And how perfect that it went right along with "when you own you created it, you get your power back."
Mary Whitworth
"I had been playing craps for about 18 years, was losing more, but couldn't quit. Two days after I signed up for phone sessions with you we went to the casino and I walked over towards the craps table and got a real ecky feeling and had to walk away and couldn't wait to get out of there. I have no desire to go back and when I think about it it's a total turn off. I have tried a lot of things over the years and nothing even comes close to this experience. God Bless you, I am eternally grateful." Listen to his recorded session and hear it from him. His personal details are edited out.
Val (name changed)
Eastern US
"Hi Lola, Every now and again I have some great dreams relating to you and Divine Openings. I think I already sent you a message about the one with a beautiful golden moon with the word Miracle in huge letters across it. Recently I dreamt that I had a new job and whilst struggling with computers and technical equipment you appeared, flicked a switch, showed me a few simple techniques and all was well. Last night I had a dream in which you were leading a fantastic high energy dance class. Your movements and agility were amazing and it has stayed with me, an incentive to get up and groove a little!"
United Kingdom
"Recently I dreamt that I had a new job and whilst struggling with computers and technical equipment you appeared, Lola, flicked a switch, showed me a few simple techniques and all was well." Warm wishes,
United Kingdom
"I was overcome by this amazing feeling of light "lifting" me from inside, accompanied by the calm knowing that everything I'm experiencing is perfect. Then I heard the (inner) voice of a female, "Download complete". In another longest, most amazing dream, you took me through this very involved Divine Opening process that actually was a big pain in the butt. However, by the end of it I felt amazing and filled with light, and the last thing I remember before waking up was saying "Wow, it's the process, isn't it? It's SO worth it". And you smiled and nodded. So thanks Lola, you seriously rocketh!"
Toggo (musician, before and after a group call he signed up for)
"Worthiness was something I was still "waiting for". Like all I needed to do was just sit still and count the days til some magical butterfly landed on my shoulder and PRESTO....there it is! Never did it occur to me I could just make a decision to be worthy. So lots is happening and I'm sure will keep unfolding for quite some time. I'm sooooo thankful for your time & attention and will keep you updated on how things are going." Love, Frederika
"Thank you for the session yesterday. My sleep last night was the sweetest. I dreamt that I was in the apartment where I lived in my first and very unhappy marriage (which I didn't even mention yesterday). A wall to an adjacent apartment had been opened. You were there and everything was bright and light. You were carrying me around, bouncing me about because you wanted me to laugh... Woke up feeling bathed in honey."
Annapolis, Maryland
"First, thank you for all you have given me in the last several weeks. Just doing the book has changed my life. I have been so excited about the five-day retreat and riding on the increasing energy wave. And last night I got to meet you for the first time - in an amazing dream where you came and just enveloped me with love."
Nelson, BC, Canada


Lola Works In Dream Time

Before she was opened to her gifts, Lola thought energy vortexes were too "out there" to be real, but now she creates energy vortexes and visits people in their dreams! She jokingly calls it "my science fiction life." She certainly never expected it.

She frequently gets emails from people saying she came to them in a dream or meditation and helped them.

Here's one such note: "I was overcome by this amazing feeling of light "lifting" me from inside, accompanied by the calm knowing that everything I'm experiencing is perfect. Then came the slightly stranger part: All of a sudden I heard the (inner) voice of a female that said "Download complete". It made me giggle. So thanks Lola, you seriously rocketh!" Toggo, musician, Los Angeles

You could call it activating the "Innate Light" in people,
or "awakening Universal Intelligence."


Lola is a quiet revolutionary

Lola is a quiet revolutionary

Like the cowgirl she was, Lola doesn't try to please everyone, and doesn't mince words. She's very direct about telling people that if all the metaphysical stuff, books, paths, and modalities they've been doing had worked well, they would not be on her website, still seeking.

She says that more modalities and books are not better, and that people should find one thing that works-- even if it's not Divine Openings--and stop obsessive seeking, reading, and seminar-going.

Many people have had spontaneous spiritual awakenings naturally or by effort on other paths, but had difficulty sustaining it. Lola committed herself to creating a support system that would help people sustain it, and continue to go higher. We whimsically call it getting on the "automatic upgrade program".

Now Lola spends her time creating, writing, developing online courses, playing, or in solitude and silence, communing with The Presence, and thereby bringing in and translating new Divine energies for the uplifting of humanity. Her main function in life (besides enjoying it) is being a "bringer in" of new energies, a translator of how to use those energies in practical everyday life, and a full time conduit of energy, light, and intelligence for the planet.

Lola doesn't just teach theory

Lola says no one needs more spiritual lectures and theories.  She brings it alive for you with direct experience and real changes in your everyday life change. Lola awakens (or further awakens), uplifts, enlivens, empowers, and frees those who come in contact with her. You feel it physically. Lola isn't happy with simply giving you spiritual experiences. She is committed to changing your life on every level, so you get practical life results like abundant money, loving relationships, and a healthy body.

It's likely very different from anything you may have experienced. You don't have to keep working on yourself forever. You can get happy, outgrow incessant spiritual seeking, and begin living as your Large Self. Then your spiritual path stops being work and becomes a joy.

You intended to FIND it,  not seek forever. 

Thanks to the extensive audio/video library in the Online Self-Paced Courses, Divine Openings is now accessible to everyone, anywhere in the world, 24/7. Receiving a live Divine Opening from the courses or book is a life-changing event.

Mostly by word of mouth, people in over 150 countries are experiencing Divine Openings.

lola things small squareAs you read, it entrains you to this new reality, all without working on yourself or processing.

You're not broken, you've just fallen asleep. It's as easy as waking up.

When Lola was guided to name her book Things Are Going Great In My Absence: How To Let Go And Let The Divine Do The Heavy Lifting, her first comment to The Presence was, "That is a L-O-N-G title!"

Now she finds it humorous that the long title turned out to be prophetic. The book found its way around the world by word of mouth in her absence, and reading it completely liberated many people in her absence, transcending space and time. She helps people learn to "get out of the way" and soon things are going great in their absence too.

Lola has no plans to tour more, gather a larger following, or do more than the four retreats a year that she's currently doing. She's not ambitious in that sense. Her intention is to help people go within rather than keep coming back to her. It's a sign of the very practical effectiveness of Divine Openings that people do not continue to need a lot of help, they drop therapy, and they stop desperately seeking.

Many do continue to visit this website to stay in touch with this "reality of choice" and the community, since the world offers so much distraction that is not helpful or supportive of their growing enlightenment.


How did Lola come to do what she does?

Lola taught spiritual development (and corporate training with unspoken spiritual energy) for decades. She always had a natural ability to wake people up and catalyze breakthroughs. She has an eternal lineage as a 'pioneer', one who opens new territory and expands consciousness. In 1985 she received her first initiation with a master and meditated in that tradition for an hour a day for eleven years.

Lola's lineage is older than this life. Someone recently identified seven great lineages in her energy field, but she really doesn't care about that. Her power is NOW.

In the 90's she was regularly teaching a 3 and a 1/2 day intensive called The Power Course that students still credit with transforming their lives. But the full flowering of her lineage quickened in about 2003. She stopped teaching and working and dived deep within. For a couple of years she painted full time, telling friends, "I'm so tired of words! I don't want to talk at all! I'll never teach again unless something comes along that works completely beyond the limitations of words."

That wish would eventually be fulfilled.

While the paintings that came were light years beyond any art she'd ever done before, she had no idea just how big the purpose of these paintings would be. Following this sudden urge to paint would within two years lead to a development in her teaching that was beyond her wildest dreams.

After two years of painting she was pulled to go into silent retreat in a remote compound in India. After 21 days in delicious silence, speaking to no other human, communing only with The Pure Presence Within, she tapped into a new level of power. It activated her entire lineage of many lifetimes of being a consciousness pioneer. She entered Heaven on Earth.

An ancient lineage of many lifetimes was activated full force.

Lola returned home with a powerful new gift. Starting all over again in her 50's with no clients, no income, from absolute zero, within a year she had given Divine Openings hands-on to 700 people. As soon as this website was built, a woman with a worldwide email list of a million people introduced Lola to the world, and today, her work spans the globe.

Old concepts of ambition and goals are now meaningless to Lola. The work "propels itself". She has become an indefatigable writer, artist, and expert in many fields, quite effortlessly.

The Presence moves Lola's body, her mouth, and her mind as it wishes.
She's just along for the amazing ride.

Of course Lola continues to evolve. The Divine Energy increases in power, and Lola just follows the lead of The Presence. She has no master plan, and often doesn't know what she'll be doing two months from now. She gets out of the way and does what she is guided to do on any given day.

Lola makes spiritual awakening easy and fun, but people do need mind training to learn to get out of the way and use their free will choices to sustain the bliss instead of resisting it. Lola had seen people reach a temporary state of bliss and oneness and lose it. So she created a way to not only sustain it, but grow it constantly. She noticed that people like stimulation so their path stays fresh and they don't get bored. Lola developed a program to support your ongoing expansion. 

Divine Openings is universal, compatible with any faith, or no faith at all

Lola's work is truly universal -- for anyone of any faith -- or no faith or religion at all. It's just you and your Creator, The Life Force, the Organizing Intelligence - whatever you choose to call it. Many students enjoy her guidance, community, and inspiration for decades even though they are fully awake and centered in their own power. People enjoy how creative and fresh and fun she makes the spiritual path. 

Lola is a full-time specialist in translating new energies to Earth. Her passion is to ground them in the physical plane, and make them available and useful for others. She grounds those energies by living a very balanced, joyful, abundant, and normal life.

In her Texas home, that was about doing ranch chores, mowing the ten acres with her tractor, fixing fences, playing with animals, trimming trees, working out, going out dancing.

Living in Ojai, California there was the beach, the trails, the mountains, and tons of horse trails to explore.

Then living in Alpine, California, she let go of her 55 year horse habit, gave the horses to friends, and just enjoyed hers and Scott's park-like home in the mountains. Simple pleasures keep her super healthy and very, very grounded.

Lola teaches that to create Heaven on Earth, we get grounded, embrace and master our emotions, and get fully in our bodies rather than floating off into spiritual states.

weRe not supposed to ascend. you're in the right place.
Heaven is right here on Earth.

Experience the blessings for yourself

Some people get their first taste of this profound energy in the book. Just reading it starts to change your life. Things Are Going Great In My Absence: How To Let Go And Let The Divine Do The Heavy Lifting is the spiritual awakening book that spread to 150 countries by word of mouth. Whether beginner or advanced, you'll have your own unique experience, and then you'll be ready for more!

For an accelerated start, the Online Portals give you engaging audios and videos for a more "live" experience, and you get the book, the audiobook, and many bonuses FREE.

Here's how Your Journey Begins


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Archangel Raphael: "There are prayers of such power that ... they carry me rather than the other way around. There are prayers so apologetic and shamefaced and half-hearted that they all but melt away in my grasp like sad little flakes of snow."
Lola Jones