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~ Portal 5 Members -
May 8 English/German at 10-11:15am Pacific  
~ Portal 1 Members - June 11 English-only at noon-1 Pacific;  
June 13 English/German at 10-11:15am Pacific  
~ Portal 2 Members - July 10 English-only at noon-1 Pacific;  
July 12 English/German
 at 10-11:15am Pacific  
~ Portal 3 Members - August 1 English-only at noon-1 Pacific;  
August 2 English/German at 
10-11:15am Pacific
~ Portal 4 Members - September 26 English-only at noon-1 Pacific;  
Septermber 27 English/German at 
10-11:15am Pacific

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Theories, rules, explanations, science, proof -- all forms of human understanding are consolation prizes. Happiness and liberation don't come by figuring anything out, just by letting it in. You have access to a massive 'Intelligence' that's beyond mere mind.
Lola Jones